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About Artesian Collaborative, LLC

Corporate Training Done Differently

Let's be honest...we're all feeling it. Whether it’s the stress of looming deadlines, the emotional toll of leadership, the conflict that arises when we encounter cultural differences or simply the challenges of maintaining work-life balance, we all feel tension at work.


Artesian Collaborative offers therapist-led corporate workshops on:
• Mental Health & Crisis Support
• Diversity Equity & Inclusion
• Emotional Intelligence


What is Artesian Collaborative?

At Artesian Collaborative, we believe that tension, conflict and discomfort are not merely problems to be solved. They are growth opportunities that, when used correctly, can bring positive change to our organizations, our relationships and ourselves.

Our team of professional therapist-trainers will help your team explore the underlying causes of the tension within your organization, while harnessing the power of psychology to help transform those points of tension into growth.


Why train with a therapist?
Change happens when we address underlying emotions. As therapists, we're uniquely equipped to guide your team through that journey. We bring:

1) Professional Expertise
Emotions are complex. We have therapeutic knowledge and real-life experience to help us teach concepts related to emotions.

2) Trauma-Informed Care
Trainings that emphasize emotions may bring up sensitive topics such as past traumas, conflicts, or triggers. We create safe spaces and manage such discussions with sensitivity and ethical concern.

3) Psychological Safety
As we explore more deeply together, we create a safe and supportive environment for participants to share and process their emotions.
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4) Interactive Facilitation
As trained therapeutic facilitators, we lead interactive activities, group discussions, and role-plays to foster deeper exploration and experiential learning.

5) Individualized Guidance
Growth often requires personalized feedback. We can provide individualized support and insights that consider the specific needs of each participant.

6) Nuanced Skills
Emotions-focused growth involves nuanced skills such as self-awareness and empathy. As therapists, we help participants understand these skills and learn how to apply them in real life.


Most of our trainings are conducted via live Zoom webinars that range from 1 to 3 hours. Some trainings are available in-person. We use a variety of tools to create a dynamic environment for adult learning including:
• Experiential Activities
• Facilitated Discussion
• Group Problem Solving
• Personal Reflection
• Lecture-Style Teaching
• Pre & Post Session Assignments
• Live Q&A

The topics covered in each workshop draw from well-researched psychological models. We use proven methods to build a safe learning environment that invites teams to fully engage emotionally and experience growth together.

Look through our training offerings and find the opportunities that best suit your needs. Organizations are complex and the presenting problems of tension and conflict can have multiple root causes. As we get to know you and your organization, we will collaborate with you to build a custom training journey that draws from one or more learning areas.

Products by Artesian Collaborative, LLC

By Artesian Collaborative, LLC

Engaging the Tension of Diversity Virtual Workshop Tension is normal when addressing equity and inclusion. This reflective, 3-hour virtual session goes beyond the basics of diversity to unearth the underlying emotional barriers that keep us stuck. Training Details & Format - 3 Hours - Live Virtual Session (In-Person Intensive also... Read more »

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By Artesian Collaborative, LLC

Stress Management in Uncertain Times Workshop This discussion-based training will help your team examine the emotional impact of destabilizing events, such as external societal challenges, grief, and organizational disruptions. Training Details & Format - 1 Hour - Live Virtual Session - Unlimited Participants Skills & Core Concepts... Read more »

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By Artesian Collaborative, LLC

Addressing Microaggressions Workshop Learn intervention skills to effectively address workplace microaggressions that arise from unconscious bias. These skills reduce harm for the aggressed while fostering growth and connection for all parties involved. Training Details & Format Options - 2 Hours - Virtual or In-Person -... Read more »

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  • University of Illinois Foundation
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