Products by Artesian Collaborative, LLC
  • Diversity & Inclusion Trainings

    Our goal is to improve cross-cultural communications and interactions by equipping participants to think critically about how their life experiences, culture and environment impacts how they interact with others and tap into the tension that this creates. Tension doesn’t have to be a roadblock... Read More
  • Stress Management & Self Care

    At Artesian Collaborative our goal is to help individuals and teams navigate tense, scary and difficult situations in order to continue moving forward. In our stress management courses, we thrive on guiding teams into places of vulnerability, providing support and skills so they can move towards... Read More
  • Emotional & Relational Development

    Sometimes it seems that if we could only make our emotions disappear our relationships and work would be that much easier. But what if our emotions aren’t the problem but the alarm? Learning to listen to our emotions, understand them and respond to them can help us tackle the big problems... Read More
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