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  • Why Bother with DEI?

    Talking about diversity, equity and inclusion with our organizations can cause discomfort or even outright resistance. We’ll help participants begin to identify the emotions that keep them stuck and share why DEI work is essential for the success of our organizations. Concepts & Skills... Read More
  • The Tension of Diversity

    The Tension of Diversity Tension is normal when addressing equity and inclusion. This reflective, 3-hour webinar goes beyond the basics of diversity to unearth the underlying emotional barriers that keep us stuck. Concepts & Skills Addressed • Understanding Self • Identity Awareness • Naming... Read More
  • Diversity Intensive

    This in-person workshop expands on the concepts presented in our Tension of Diversity training by providing space for experiential learning and discussion. Customizable for your team. Tension of Diversity skills plus: • Group Discussion • Team Learning • Interactive Experiences 1-2 Days In... Read More

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