Illinois Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training Programs

Press Release from Peagram Consulting


To all Leaders and Business Owner,

A new senate bill 75 passed on August 19 th , 2019 made it mandatory that all businesses in IL must provide sexual harassment training yearly starting in 2020. In addition to providing sexual harassment training it must follow the below guidelines:

 1-A ll sexual harassment trainings must last 2 hrs.

2-N ew hires must complete sexual harassment training within the first week of hire.

3-The training must be available in English and Spanish.

4-M ust include explanations and definitions of sexual harassment.

5-M ust give examples of conduct as it relates to the industry .

6- A s ummary of federal and state statutory provision including remedies to victims.

7- A  summary of the responsibilities of employers for prevention, investigation, and corrective   measures of sexual harassment.

Peagram Consulting has packaged training programs for your organization. We have created multiple training options that cover all the above requirements. We provide online and in-house options. Below are a few training formats that we provide.

         - Easy online training that can be completed on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

         - Off-site industry sessions.

         - A trainer package where managers lead the training.

         - Private session for your HR team.

         - Hybrids of any of these options.

By working with us you are helping us give back to the community. For every private session we run, we give back an anti-bullying and anti-violence program to an underserved CPS school .  

If interested or have questions please contact Dr. Peagram by phone, (773) 559-4500 or email [email protected]. We look forward to working with you!

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