Products by Peagram Consulting
  • Personal Branding Workshop

    November 17th, 2018 | 9:30AM & 1PM LOCATION Catalyst Ranch 656 West Randolph Street ##3W Chicago, IL 60661 Do you struggle with sharing your message with others, your network, or in an interview? Are you searching for clarity on explaining your job, work, and experience. We have the perfect... Read More
  • Diversity Simulation Program

    The Diversity Simulation Program is a cutting edge simulation. By building a series of interviews, role-plays, and case studies participants explore their own stereotypes, biases, and misconceptions. Peagram Consulting explains the simulation in the introduction and is clear about the purpose... Read More
  • Workplace Harassment and Bullying

    Peagram Consulting works with your organization to address the situations, prevent, intervene, and resolve the bullying and harassment in the workplace. Peagram Consulting adds more than an HR overview or general training. In each program, consultants implement strategies, practical skills, and... Read More
White Papers by Peagram Consulting
  • Transition Statements to Fuel Effective Communication By

    Next time you are faced with a difficult conversation or resistance, try one of these statements to help fuel connection, find constructive ways to resolve the conflict, and build more positive relationships. Read more
  • Transition Statements to Address Workplace and Sexual Harassment By

    The following worksheet is designed to give you transition statements as you enter difficult or inappropriate conversations. We want to provide you with language that fits your communication style and gives you power to move away from uncomfortable workplace discussions. These are examples to... Read more
  • Best Practices to Communicate as a Team By

    It is important to share information, as well as listen to each other. Oftentimes, we get so busy that when we think something is not relevant to our jobs, we disengage and work on something else. By doing so, we are missing out on valuable information that could help us be more successful. Read more