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About Peagram Consulting
  • Peagram Consulting is the leader expert in workplace and sexual harassment.

    Peagram Consulting offers trainings, workshops, coaching sessions, and seminars on workplace and sexual harassment. Dr. Peagram goes above and beyond the HR protocol and helps the organization create a safe working environment.

    Peagram Consulting offers cutting edge programs that meet all the states mandated requirements.

    Peagram Consulting also provides diversity training that addresses generational challenges, gender bias, gender fluidity, and implicit bias.
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Products by Peagram Consulting
  • Sexual Harassement Training

    Our workplace and sexual harassment training is customized to fit your organizational culture and industry. In the 2-hour training, we review the terms, compliance, acceptable behaviors, and best practices. We run through examples, scenarios, and create engaging discussions to help employees... Read more
  • Workplace Harassment and Bullying

    Peagram Consulting works with your organization to address the situations, prevent, intervene, and resolve the bullying and harassment in the workplace. Peagram Consulting adds more than an HR overview or general training. In each program, consultants implement strategies, practical skills, and... Read more
  • Implicit and Bias Training 101

    The following training is a 2-hour interactive and engaging program that opens doors to a better understanding of how to address, prevent, and overcome implicit and unconscious biases. We use a series of case studies and small group discussions to generate ideas about typical trends or behaviors... Read more
White Papers by Peagram Consulting
  • Best Strategies to Report Workplace and Sexual Harassment By

    These are simple tips to help remind employees the importance of reporting and documenting workplace and sexual harassment. Reviewing with your employees the policy and procedures for reporting helps them feel more comfortable with the process and clarifies the "how and why". Read more
  • Positive Journal Prompts By

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  • Behavioral Monitoring Sheets By

    The following worksheet is to help track behaviors, patterns, and find distractors. From identifying our distractors, we can better plan our tasks and manage our time. Read more
News about Peagram Consulting
  • Illinois Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training Programs Posted