i-Sight Software's New i-Sight v5 Solves Tough Challenges for Investigation Teams

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OTTAWA, Ontario, March 5, 2019 (Newswire.com) –  i-Sight Software has announced the launch of the most advanced version of its industry-leading case management software to date. i-Sight’s v5 solves many of the investigation industry’s most challenging issues relating to security, privacy and efficiency, with dynamic access controls, a built-in ethics portal and improved task automation.

“We’re really excited about our powerful new version of i-Sight,” says Joe Gerard, i-Sight’s CEO. “It was driven by feedback from our customers on what they would most like to see improved and so far the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Our customers love the ability to customize i-Sight themselves without having to come back to us when they want to make minor changes, and the built-in ethics portal really simplifies anonymous case intake.”

Improved Access Control

i-Sight v5 improved its industry-leading security to allow administrators far greater ability to manage access controls and permissions by role within the system; while maintaining controls on sensitive data.   “This has made it much easier for teams to work collaboratively, especially those who work with confidential or sensitive data,” says Gerard.

Built-In Ethics Portal

The built-in ethics portal provides an anonymous mechanism for making complaints or reports that are captured immediately into the case management system.

In-App and Browser Notifications

i-Sight v5 offers a new user-configured notifications engine that sends updates and messages to users via a notifications tab in the application or through browser notifications when i-Sight is minimized.

Improved Task Automation

Administrators can now configure automated rules within the system to generate and assign To-Dos or Tasks based on activity and/or workflow.  This ensures users are following predetermined processes and meeting deadlines.

Overall Performance Improvement

  “i-Sight’s long-standing commitment to security and privacy includes ensuring the system delivers high performance and a scalable architecture,” says Gerard. “i-Sight v5 delivers visible improvements in user experience, but we won’t rest on our laurels. We’re always working on product improvements so that we can continue to exceed our customers’ expectations,” he says.

About i-Sight

i-Sight is a leading provider of web-based investigative case management software. Established in 1999, the privately held firm enables companies to conduct better investigations of fraud and theft, employee misconduct, bribery and corruption, security and legal incidents and manage risk through in-depth reporting and analysis.

i-Sight helps companies to capture incidents, track and manage investigations and report on results to prevent reoccurrences and create safer, fairer and happier workplaces. Find more information about i-Sight’s industry-leading solutions at www.i-sight.com.

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