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About Perfect401(k)

Perfect401(k)TM is a cutting-edge, comprehensive, and turn-key 401(k) solution for all business sizes, with a focus on minimizing fee expense, increasing investment value and protecting you against ever-increasing plan related litigation. We’ll help you to design a 401(k) benefits plan that matches the precise needs of your business, including your company’s talent retention and acquisition objectives. Easy and fast implementation. No hidden fees ever.

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By Perfect401(k)

Fully-Managed Profile

Employees seeking the maximum level of investment assistance can choose to delegate the ongoing management of their personal 401(k) accounts to a Perfect401(k)TM investment professional. They will choose from one of our 4 actively-managed PRO Account Portfolios, according to their risk... Read more »

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By Perfect401(k)

Guided Profile

Perfect401(k)TM also offers a simplified list of nearly 20 low-cost, high-quality mutual funds to choose from. Our customized “Core Funds Portfolio” lets employees select from our simplified list of hand-picked, high performing investments, such as Vanguard, Schwab, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Read more »

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By Perfect401(k)

Self-Directed Profile

If employees prefer to actively manage their own 401(k) investments, to also include individual stocks and bonds, they can establish a self-directed brokerage-window account with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Under this option, employees will be granted total discretion and responsibility over all... Read more »

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