Macorva Launches Game-Changing Employee Rating Tool to Empower and Energize the Corporate Workforce

Press Release from Macorva

HOUSTON ,  April 16, 2019  -- Macorva, a new disruptive player in the human resources survey market, launched today along with its game-changing employee rating software platform, which aims to help organizations retain top talent, improve workplace culture, and grow their business. Macorva has reimagined the employee survey as a feedback tool that not only measures engagement, but also drives meaningful action to increase engagement by empowering employees to anonymously rate their experiences with coworkers.

Standard surveys measure and track engagement, but their results don't pinpoint specific actions to improve engagement for the individual employee. Macorva offers radically simplified surveys that go far beyond the standard engagement survey. The Macorva method measures and tracks employee engagement, while also returning detailed feedback scores that promote action in every direction and at every organizational level. With Macorva, individual employees give and receive anonymous feedback based on their experiences, so each employee can understand their strengths and opportunities to improve. No other employee survey returns this level of feedback to the individual employee.

Recognizing that employee engagement is critical to the success of any company, the Macorva solution is designed to promote specific, meaningful action to improve engagement by identifying common issues before they negatively impact business.

"We believe in the power of feedback, which is why we set up every employee, not just managers and executives, to benefit from it," said Macorva's Founder and CEO,  Carley Childress . "Employee dynamics provide greater insight and promote more productive action than engagement questions alone. Our survey measures engagement with simple, direct questions and collects anonymous, cross-functional feedback that individuals, managers, and executives can all use to learn and grow."

Rating experiences with coworkers is the most salient and differentiating feature of the Macorva methodology, and every profound benefit of its platform stems from that design. The direct assessment benefits the individual employee by empowering them to share their experiences and by returning to them detailed feedback to help them grow professionally. It also benefits company leaders by helping them make more informed decisions within their departments, because they see a more complete picture of each employee, no matter how large the group.

Using Macorva's anonymous survey, employees are asked simple engagement questions and then prompted to rate their experiences with coworkers on a scale of one to five. They can provide additional feedback by tagging positive and negative attributes, such as "knowledgeable," "reliable," "disorganized," or "intimidating." The survey is completely anonymous and secure—individual ratings are never shared—ensuring that employees provide honest feedback. Scores are then broken down in several ways, allowing employees to see how they rate with their superiors, peers, and subordinates, as well as those inside and outside their departments. The survey results provide immediate insight as to where employees stand, where they're succeeding, and where they can improve.

Those in executive leadership positions receive the same detailed multidirectional feedback as individual employees to help them learn and grow into more well-rounded leaders. Armed with detailed team assessments, executives can see which managers rate well with their subordinates and which managers are struggling. Executives can make decisions with unprecedented clarity and proactively address problems while building on their team's strengths. The Macorva employee survey is unmatched in its ability to provide leaders with actionable intelligence to help them combat employee attrition and improve workforce engagement.

The Macorva platform is offered in three packaged pricing levels that start at  $4  per employee, per month, and increase as more functionality and reporting are added to the plan. For more information on pricing and plans, or to schedule a demo, please click  here .

About Macorva 
Macorva is a disruptive human resources tool that visualizes employee dynamics to improve employee engagement, helping organizations retain top talent, improve workplace culture, and grow their business. The Macorva survey is designed to identify specific scenarios that limit engagement before they negatively impact company goals. It delivers feedback as meaningful, actionable data that empowers all employees and helps leadership manage proactively. To learn more about how Macorva can help improve your business, visit .

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