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  • Rating: 5/5

    Elizabeth Loretto, Office and Human Resources Administrator, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority

    Customer  | 7/8/2019

    KeenAlignment's Conscious Hiring recruitment model helps me get to know the candidates in an incredibly valuable way. I know that they are a fit for our position in their competencies and experiences, but also that they are a fit for the organization, that they will be an asset to the team they are joining in all ways. All of the questions asked through the process have such specific purposes, they each illuminate critical aspects about our candidates that make the selection process incredibly easy. When I present final candidates to hiring managers I have confidence that we are selecting from the best of the best. The success that we have seen has built a great deal of trust in the process from the hiring managers. In our organization we want to be hiring for longevity, Conscious Hiring is the best tool to accomplish this. As a department of one, it is very helpful to have a comprehensive tool that I know will help us hire the right staff and keep them engaged in the right role.

  • Rating: 5/5

    Lea Rauscher Assistant General Manager, Administrative and Field Operations, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority

    Customer  | 6/21/2019

    With KeenAlignment’s guidance, we shaped an intentional culture, identified and constructively addressed behaviors that detracted from the top-notch organization we strive to be, and gave staff tools to contribute to the agency’s success in meaningful ways. This was a huge step toward becoming a single cohesive team instead of a group of independent departments or individuals. Through their coaching, I achieved personal and professional growth that put me on the path to be the leader I want to be. Their ability to meet people where they are with warm candor, humor and inspirational guidance helped me identify behaviors that didn’t serve me or my organization, and consciously align my leadership values with our organizational values and priorities. Leading in harmony with my values empowered me to step into my role as a senior leader in the organization and confidently bring out the best in my team.

  • Rating: 4/5

    Dale, Darling. Maintenance Manager, AB&I Foundry

    Customer  | 6/7/2019

    Keen Alignment helped me become a better person for myself, my job and for my home life.