Churchill Provides Webinar Training On Why all of your leaders need to be coaching!

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Churchill Provides Webinar Training On  Why all of your leaders need to be coaching! And what can happen when they do.

The United States, October 1, 2020 -- Churchill Leadership Group CEO, Jayne Jenkins, and Coach Mindy will be hosting an interactive and educational webinar "Why all of your leaders need to be coaching! And what can happen when they do." The webinar will be presented on Thursday, October 1, at 2 pm EST. 

Join Churchill to learn why your organization needs to engrain a coaching capability culture as a business strategy. Register for the webinar at

When your leaders at all levels are “Great Coaches,” they are equipped to have more effective, regular, and powerful coaching conversations with team members to help move execution and performance forward faster-- so you can increase productivity and engage your talent. 

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About Churchill Leadership Group

Churchill Leadership Group is a global professional development organization, founded to enable the untapped talent in the corporate and government worlds to thrive by leveraging strengths and building soft skills and capabilities in organizations, leaders, and teams. Their team of over 200 expert coaches, consultants, and trainers bring real-world experience, certified to coach in areas that fit their client's needs. By using CliftonStrengths®, they accelerate the untapped natural talent in people for a more authentic and sustainable growth, and to maximize engagement, growth, and productivity. Churchill strives to build long-term, high trust partnerships with its clients to understand their organization and provide valuable thought leadership. Strong collaboration allows for agility and constant improvement to deliver what the client needs when they need it. Churchill's team is diverse with experts across North and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

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