ActiveOps, announces the launch of a free Operations Management Training for Managers of Dispersed Teams: 'Leading Remote Operations'

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Managing at a Distance isn't ending anytime soon. Managers used to have their teams around them have been challenged to sustain customer service and the new requirements for ensuring staff well-being, assuring regulatory compliance, and controlling productivity at a distance.  

• Free online course from ActiveOps the management process automation experts  

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October 7, 2020, Reading, UK & Dallas, TX – With over 60,000 managers and leaders already certified through the ActiveOps Academy, and the leader in cloud-based WFM - Workware+, ActiveOps is proud to provide a new online training course for Operations Managers free of charge. Leading Remote Operations – Managing at a Distance is now available and will benefit all participants responsible for managing teams involved in information processing, administration, and other back-office activities.  

From the Management Process Automation experts at ActiveOps, this course focuses on the managers being propelled into new challenges by the sudden requirements to work from home. This abrupt but now continuing transition has created a new level of challenges for managers to maintain team members' well-being alongside the need to manage productivity, ensure quality and compliance.  

By accessing the course, managers can upskill their virtual management with a proven approach. Participants will learn:  

• How to measure and control work in a time of change  

• How to actively manage well-being, workloads, and individual engagement  

• How to plan, forecast and control work for your team  

• Common concerns for the remote work environment  

• The Big 5 of weekly meetings  

• Tips on how to make virtual Buzz meetings engaging  

"Managers, more than ever, are facing unique challenges. Productivity expectations continue, the remoteness of employees, and the importance of balancing their own home life when working from home have layered complexity, which demands new skills. We have over a decade of experience helping managers to operate more efficiently." says Richard Jeffery, CEO ActiveOps . "We are opening up this training and the insight from our global activities to a wider audience to equip managers of this new future."  

ActiveOps has made access to this training free and straightforward by registering at the Leading Remote Operations site. Participants will get access directly to the interactive course and various learning modules. Following the course, students are tested on their knowledge to obtain a certification.  

"The ActiveOps Academy is a powerful repository of knowledge, accessed by our customers from across the world for training and certifications. The current Knowledge Age demands we do things differently, and we are pleased that a wider global audience can now access and learn this course in Operations Management best practices - for free!" says Joy Santosh, EVP Client Services.  

Interactive virtual learning for the expanded virtual workplace. You can find the Leading Remote Operations Training course here.  

To find out more about ActiveOps, visit us at  

At ActiveOps, we've conquered operations management. Our Workware+ platform simplifies complexity and can boost productivity by 15-25% and higher, unleashing your operation's potential. Workware+ exposes a 360 view of your digital and human operations — including remote workers. Make clear, data-informed decisions. Attack your most complex issues at scale. Amplify and accelerate your operations management and make the move towards operational excellence.  


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