12/15/20 SHRM Leaderboard
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  • ControliQ

    ControliQ is a powerful cloud-based workforce management application used world-wide by service led organisations to optimize the performance of the most demanding back office service operations. ControliQ provides a single performance view of all operations resources from individual, robot,... Read More
  • WorkiQ

    When you’re responsible for ensuring both the operations well-being and productivity (both remote and in office) you need workforce intelligence in real-time. Your best choice for Employee Productivity Monitoring is WorkiQ from ActiveOps. You need complete data to make meaningful management... Read More
  • Leading Remote Operations Training

    Managing at a Distance isn't ending anytime soon. Managers used to having their teams around them have been challenged to sustain customer service and the new requirements for ensuring staff well-being, assuring regulatory compliance, and controlling productivity at a distance. • Free online... Read More
White Papers by ActiveOps
  • COVID-19 and Its Impacts on Shared Services Delivery Models By

    For the past few months, global economies have been roiled by the COVID-19 shutdown imposed on employee productivity and business operations – both as a result of offices being closed as well as supply chains interrupted. The impact has extended to cash flow, with cash collections a major... Read more
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