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  • ControliQ

    ControliQ is a powerful cloud-based workforce management application used world-wide by service led organisations to optimize the performance of the most demanding back office service operations. ControliQ provides a single performance view of all operations resources from individual, robot,... Read More
  • WorkiQ

    When you’re responsible for ensuring both the operations well-being and productivity (both remote and in office) you need workforce intelligence in real-time. Your best choice for Employee Productivity Monitoring is WorkiQ from ActiveOps. You need complete data to make meaningful management... Read More
  • Leading Remote Operations Training

    Managing at a Distance isn't ending anytime soon. Managers used to having their teams around them have been challenged to sustain customer service and the new requirements for ensuring staff well-being, assuring regulatory compliance, and controlling productivity at a distance. • Free online... Read More

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  • ActiveOps Hybrid Data Playbook By

    Optimizing Productivity, Employee Engagement, and Organizational Agility in Banking Read more
  • The Right Way to Monitor Productivity By

    As employees struggle to balance work and life, employers wrestle with their organization’s increasingly erratic schedules, work output, and communication. It’s become natural to wonder if the organization is performing at the same level as when employees worked onsite. There’s only one way... Read more
  • The CIO Perspective By

    Remote working is the most obvious change to the landscape, but that topic has multiple nuances to consider. Managers are remote from their reports, making managing them and gathering data on their productivity harder. But so too are colleagues remote from each other, which has impacts on... Read more

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