DH+ INSPIRE's Podcast: Women Transforming Manufacturing

Press Release from Peak Performance, Inc.

DH+ INSPIRE's Women Transforming Manufacturing is a regular podcast and video series dedicated to highlighting and celebrating the women who are helping drive innovation, setting leadership standards, and achieving incredible business results in the world of manufacturing.


In this episode, Denise Rice, President & CEO of Peak Performance & Manufacturing Consultant to the Tennessee Manufacturers Association, sits down with DeanHouston+, and  discusses her progression throughout the manufacturing industry – including what drew her to the industry and her thoughts on the future of manufacturing.


Whether you’re a leader in manufacturing or you’re just looking to learn more about the industry, you’ll want to hear this episode to learn about the challenges of adapting and implementing new processes and procedures after COVID-19, the importance of problem-solving in manufacturing, why encouraging and committing to micro-learning is so essential to keeping up with the trends, staying relevant, and closing the skills gap, as well as how the pandemic has pushed Industry 4.0 in the forefront and what that means for manufacturing. 


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