Peak Performance & AlignMark Announce New Partnership

Press Release from Peak Performance, Inc.

Chattanooga, TN & Maitland, FL: Denise Rice, President & CEO of Peak Performance Inc., and Cabot Jaffee, President & CEO of AlignMark, announce a partnership between the two companies today. Based on their shared mission of promoting career and professional development, Peak Performance and AlignMark will provide their customers with a systematic approach to align their leadership, people practices, strategy and skills development with cost effective solutions.

The partnership between Peak Performance and AlignMark brings together the expertise of the deeply experienced trainers and consultants at Peak Performance with the innovative recruiting and assessment tools­­­­­­ of AlignMark so that businesses can have the resources they need to make the best hiring and training decisions that save time, money and increase productivity. A mutual desire to better serve clients’ needs from recruitment and selection through on-the-job training and development is what ultimately led to the partnership.

Denise Rice elaborates, “We are excited about our partnership with AlignMark and their knowledge and experience in the area of Industrial Organizational Psychology. Their on-line, valid assessment tools with the capability to customize to meet our clients’ needs makes them a perfect partner by adding recruiting and assessment services to our portfolio of training and development.”  

Peak Performance is well known for their training and development in the manufacturing industry with strong relationships with the Tennessee Manufacturers Association , the New Jersey Business and Industry Association and the California Manufacturers Technology Association .

AlignMark’s Cabot Jaffee continues, “Peak Performance's long history in training and development along with their expertise in the manufacturing sector is a terrific addition to our service offerings. We are in the business of making better marriages among companies and employees and this relationship simply continues that philosophy further into the organization.”  

Making smart decisions regarding the human capital assets within an organization is now, more important than ever. Clients in the manufacturing space will have easy access to a complimentary suite of products and services, through a single provider to serve the majority of their human capital needs.

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