Let's Resolve Conflict

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Piedmont, OK 73078

About Let's Resolve Conflict

Hello. I am Nancy Mallory, a certified Mediator that specializes in labor disputes, employee issues and civil matters.

My Human Resource Consultation is focused on:

* Consult with business owners to help them build both on-site and remote workforces.
* Create staffing models and recruiting strategies to meet each client’s unique requirements.
* Create, interpret and administer employee and labor contracts encompassing issues such as:
• benefits,
• pensions,
• union and management practices.
• Compensation proposals
• Management rights
• Supervisory training
* Draft proposals and policies or regulations.
* Ensure that human resources policies are administered objectively and consistent with union agreements.
* Negotiate CBA utilizing financial analysis of hot topics.
* Develop resolution tactics regarding employee issues.
* Coach and advise management on best practices.

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