TransMedia Group to Present Health Karma as Leading Healthcare Technology Hub Strengthening Businesses and Empowering Employees' Health

Press Release from Health Karma

BOCA RATONFla., July 30, 2021 PRNewswire -- TransMedia Group to launch a healthy PR campaign for Health Karma to highlight the positive impact it has on health and wellness of individuals and employees of businesses nationwide.

TransMedia Group plans to direct media attention to the success Health Karma, a division of MediXall Group, has had in providing businesses and individuals with affordable, high-quality alternatives to traditional healthcare benefits.

"We'll show how Health Karma becomes your personal hub for health and wellness, saving you time and money with just a couple clicks on their site, regardless of your health insurance coverage" said TransMedia Group President Adrienne Mazzone.

"Whether it's tracking your insurance in real time to answer coverage and benefit questions, finding savings on your prescriptions, a consultation with a licensed medical provider in the middle of the night through telehealth, talking with a licensed, professional therapist in as little as 24 hours to address common behavioral health concerns, or finding the right in-network provider and scheduling an in-person appointment, Health Karma is there when you need it most."

Mazzone said TransMedia publicity will show how Health Karma provides a healthcare experience similar to what consumers experience from a best-in-class technology or consumer products company than from traditional health care organizations.

"Unlike other healthcare solutions, we offer groups the same longstanding advantages of in-person primary care within a convenient and affordable virtual platform" said Health Karma President Michael Swartz.

"Lowering costs and improving the healthcare consumer experience has been our focus as it will result in happier employees and a better bottom line," said Swartz, who was a co-founder Viridian Capital Advisors and has many years of experience advising startups on strategic options relating to market opportunities, competitive positioning, and allocation of resources.

"We've built a world-class team at Health Karma that's laser focused on making healthcare better for all Americans and TransMedia will make that known to the  public and businesses," said Health Karma's Operations Office Manager, Barbara McDonald.

"By driving media coverage, TransMedia Group will ensure Health Karma is recognized for providing an easy to use, personalized solution empowering consumers with tools and resources to navigate the confusion in the healthcare system." said Mazzone


For more information on Health Karma, visit their official website: or follow @HealthKarmaApp on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Media Contact: Karla Hernandez, [email protected], 561-750-9800.


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