MediXall Group Announces Expansion to Health Karma Product Line - Closes Transaction with 24hr Virtual Clinic

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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 3, 2022 /  MediXall Group Inc. (OTCQB:MDXL), an innovative healthcare solutions provider, today announced that it acquired 100% of WellCare First, which is a recently established joint venture of 24hr Virtual Clinic LLC and Health Karma. The new wholly owned subsidiary of MediXall Group, WellCare First will take over all sales and marketing of 24hr Virtual Clinic LLC. MediXall Group issued 500,000 shares of its Common Stock to 24hr Virtual Clinic LLC as consideration for the acquisition.

24hr Virtual Clinic provides an integrated suite of technology with its purpose help employees at all levels, stay healthy, be productive, on the job and increase profitability. Workers 1 st  Call & Report™ is the 24/7/365 solution for preventing and mitigating physical and behavioral health injuries and incidents. The program provides pre-claim, preemptive solutions to reduce work comp claims, costs, fraud and unnecessary and over-utilized case management. The program combines behavioral health consultations and Registered Nurse triage for injuries and incidents into an integrated, easy-to-access, plug-and-play program. Significant savings, generated by mitigation of the number and cost of work comp claims, helps maintain or reduce the employer's E-mod rating or insurance premium.

24hr Virtual Clinic also offers Responders 1st Call™ a confidential, anonymous in-the-moment 24/7/365 Trauma Helpline for First Responders to destress and digest traumatic situations which could lead to a work comp claim, disability, or suicide. This program provides in-the-moment consultations to the First Responder and their family to address work-related or personal, emotional, or behavioral health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, domestic conflicts, relationships, or other issues interfering with responsibilities at work or home.

With the acquisition, 24hr Virtual Clinic Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Dr Ann Hawkins, and Chief Integration Officer Robert Hood, will join the MediXall Group Executive team and lead the new wholly owned subsidiary, Wellcare First.

In 1973 as a university student, Ann recognized the time and money benefits of preventive healthcare--keeping people healthy in lieu of bringing them back to health. This understanding of the positive financial, personal, and practical implications of prevention and responsible healthcare is the keystone and passion of her education and career. After a tenure as a university professor and a successful sales/marketing executive, she founded WellCare Dimensions Inc. in 1996. The mission of the company was to provide a new dimension to the delivery of healthcare products and services through the 24hr Virtual Clinic.

Robert L. Hood has a diverse executive management background, having held positions in operations, corporate planning, strategic marketing, and business development for various corporations in different industries. In the early 1980's while Director of Corporate Planning at GATX, Bob was one of the pioneers of the systematic strategic planning process, which evolved into the strategic marketing programs of the 21st Century. He served as Director of Corporate Planning for Bally, where he spearheaded the acquisition of Life Cycle Inc., which became Life Fitness, one of the world's largest and most successful exercise equipment companies. As a Co-owner and Executive Vice President of Business Development, Bob directed the pioneering of several exercise equipment technological breakthroughs. Following his time at Life Fitness, Bob teamed up with Dr. Ann Hawkins and founded WellCare Dimensions and 24hr Virtual Clinic.

"By bringing the Workers 1 st  Call & Responders 1 st  Call program to the table and adding the expertise of Dr. Ann and Bob to the team, I know we are better positioned to meet the growing industry needs by allowing us to collectively build out our employer client base with more coverage options, enhance our distribution footprint, and strengthen our operational capacity to meet growing customer demands," said Travis Jackson, Chief Executive Officer at Health Karma. "With this acquisition, Health Karma will be uniquely equipped to meet the growing needs of the Small to Medium Businesses across the nation."

"Being one of the pioneers in preventive healthcare, I understand the power of empowering people to be responsible for their own health and wellbeing as well as the costs savings and increased productivity this provides to companies and organizations," said Dr. Ann Hawkins, Founder of 24hr Virtual Clinic. "This transaction allows us to capitalize on the distribution channels Health Karma established. Our collective efforts with the management team of MediXall makes the vision we have for our company a reality."

Bob Hood, COO of 24hr Virtual Clinic stated, "With our alignment with the MediXall Group, we be able to fully capitalize on our preventive and proactive solutions targeted to mitigate work comp claims and costs and the trauma experienced by our first responders, which in turn will enhance the lives of a significant number of employees and first responders."

With the acquisition of WellCare First, MediXall Group has the option to acquire 100% of 24hr Virtual Clinic's intellectual property and anticipates it will by year's end.

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