Five Ways to Support Employees During Covid-19 Uncertainty

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Well, here we are again. As we enter 2022, two years after the start of the pandemic, which changed the “way” and the “why” we work, the world faces additional Covid-19 variants and an unforeseen future. A future that many thought would return to normal by now. Not only does this cause anxiety for employees and working parents around their health and safety and that of their children, but it puts office re-openings on hold. While your company needs to keep generating revenue, you can’t ignore what’s happening right now. Indeed recently published their Employee Burnout Report and it indicates that 67% of the workers surveyed feel employee burnout has gotten worse since last year. It’s become apparent that People ops leaders will need to adopt technology in fresh ways to face continuing challenges with remote and hybrid work, vaccine mandates, employee retention, and the overall health, wellness, and engagement of their employees.

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