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  • AE Anywhere

    Comprehensive corporate wellness program available wherever your employees are and whenever they need it - AE Anywhere is a customized platform and all-inclusive solution to your employees well-being at the tip of their fingers. With an AccessElite Anywhere membership, your team will receive... Read More
  • AE Connect

    Making employee connection fun and easy through team bonding programs, events and a custom platform - Taking care of your employees shouldn’t feel like a struggle, nor should motivating them! As part of our programming, we develop team challenges that will not only keep your teams healthy and... Read More
  • AE Thrive

    Culture curation and DEIB training that ensures employee growth and company success - Is your organization cultivating a culture centered around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging? With the broadest array of DEIB and Culture Curation programs available, we partner with you to bring your... Read More

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  • How to Set Up Employee Challenges Your Teams Will Want to Participate In By

    Are your employees participating in your wellness programs? If they’re not, you’re not alone. Recent research by Gartner shows that, while 80% of companies offer physical well-being programs, less than one-third of employees actually use them. Uptake rates are even worse when it comes to... Read more
  • Five Ways to Support Employees During Covid-19 Uncertainty By

    Well, here we are again. As we enter 2022, two years after the start of the pandemic, which changed the “way” and the “why” we work, the world faces additional Covid-19 variants and an unforeseen future. A future that many thought would return to normal by now. Not only does this cause anxiety... Read more
  • Goal Get It in 2022: Tips to Setting and Achieving Your Goals in the New Year By

    Did you know that humans have been making New Year’s resolutions for about 4,000 years? Ancient Babylonians were known to mark the beginning of each new year by resolving to pay their debts and return items they had borrowed – in hopes that the gods would treat them favorably in the coming year.... Read more

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