1health Prepares Employers for Upcoming COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate with New, Turnkey Compliance Tool

Press Release from 1health

SAN FRANCISCO, CA Nov 4, 2021  – 1health, a leading cloud platform for modern diagnostic test management and a pioneer of COVID-19 risk mitigation solutions, announced today its  Safe and Clear  product for enterprises, schools and organizations to help meet the COVID-19 vaccine mandate requirements. 

On November 4, 2021, the Biden administration announced their requirement for workers at private-sector businesses to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or submit to weekly COVID-19 testing by January 4th, 2022 1 . The mandate will apply to private-sector businesses with 100 or more workers, which is estimated to cover about two-thirds of the private sector workforce. The government previously issued separate vaccine-enforcement guidelines for federal contractors that applies to millions of workers. 

“This is an enormous task for companies to undertake, especially with today’s fluctuating workforce,” said Mehdi Maghsoodnia, CEO of 1health. “Companies will need to quickly develop and enforce a plan to ensure employees have received their COVID-19 vaccinations, or give workers the option to get tested regularly.”

“Companies need a way to prove the highest standard of vaccine mandate compliance with a simple all-in-one solution that minimizes the burden on administrators and employees alike.”


To help companies meet and enforce the mandate’s requirements, 1health created Safe and Clear. Developed in partnership with leading industry enterprises, Safe and Clear enables companies to maintain and demonstrate vaccination and testing records while minimizing the burden on their employees and administrators. 

Safe and Clear combines user-friendly interfaces with powerful integrations to minimize the burden of an ongoing compliance program on both employees and administrators. Employees can upload their vaccination information in under a minute and records are automatically audited quarterly through integrations with state vaccination databases. For those not vaccinated, testing can be coordinated directly within the platform through the 1health network of accredited laboratories and test distributors who perform over 5 million tests each month. Furthermore, Safe and Clear’s RosterSync feature automatically updates contractor and employee enrollment to reflect changes in the company’s workforce. 

“Companies need a way to prove the highest standard of vaccine mandate compliance with a simple all-in-one solution that minimizes the burden on administrators and employees alike,” said Maghsoodnia. “We created the Safe and Clear product to manage and validate the reporting of vaccinations, tests, and exemptions in a way that fulfills our partners’ corporate responsibility in the pandemic while ensuring they spend time doing what they do well – running their businesses.” 

1health has been providing innovative integrations and interfaces that help labs and their customers make clinical testing more accessible and impactful since 2016. When the pandemic hit, the company was able to leverage both their software and network of accredited laboratories to provide companies nationwide with the testing and vaccine verification services they needed to bring their populations back to work safely.

From this experience, 1health developed Safe And Clear, an end-to-end solution for COVID-19 mandate compliance. The program provides a simple, streamlined way to collect  data on individual employees’ vaccinations, tests, and exemptions while helping the company run vaccination and testing programs as needed. All information is housed in one, HIPAA compliant platform, making it easy to verify and demonstrate compliance.


At 1health, we’re committed to making diagnostic testing and result lookup easy and accessible by building the digital infrastructure needed by labs, providers, enterprises and organizations to interconnect.  Our powerful platform provides end-to-end solutions to help labs and their clients easily connect, handle complex testing needs such as genetics and population health, handle insurance payments and provide engaging patient experiences while optimizing their internal processes and reducing operational cost.

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