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At 1health, we’re committed to advancing public health by making health testing more effective, affordable, and accessible.

Our clinical network and seamless integrations help employers, insurers, and healthcare providers develop better patient engagement and compliance through uniquely convenient and impactful solutions.

Throughout the pandemic, we've leveraged these solutions to develop the vaccination verification and testing solutions organizations needed to bring their populations safely back to work. Now, we've developed a turnkey COVID-19 mandate tool designed to help companies manage every aspect of their OHSA mandate compliance with minimal disruption to their teams.

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By 1health

1Health Platform Connect the Pieces of Laboratory Management to Optimize Your Workflow. From quick onboarding and seamless integrations to electronic accessioning and workflow management, connecting with the 1health platform transforms your existing workflow to power your growth. Factored In Our Platform: -... Read more »

By 1health

Safe & Clear by 1health Turnkey COVID-19 Mandate Solution. Launch your Vaccination and Testing Compliance Solution in as Little as a Day. Verify Vaccinations and Capture Exemptions: - Easy-to-use interface allows employees to upload vaccine information or exemptions in under a minute. - Quarterly audits of vaccine... Read more »

By 1health

Testing as a Service Seamless Solutions to Elevate Your Care. Connect with any lab, order any test, and view any result - all from 1 source. - Automatic Patient Setup and Insurance Validation - Any Test, 1 Source - Clear Tracking - Aggregated Results - Actionable Performance Insights Read more »

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Developing your Covid-19 OSHA Compliance Plan

Developing your Covid-19 OSHA Compliance Plan

Developing your Covid-19 OSHA Compliance Plan

By 1health

Throughout the pandemic, we've helped companies nationwide implement the testing and vaccine verification programs they've needed to bring their teams back to work safely. From that experience, we've learned what it takes to create a seamless, effective program. This guide reviews the OSHA...
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