1healthAnnounces Proctor+, a New Proctor On-Demand Service For Remote, Rapid COVID-19 Testing

Press Release from 1health

San Francisco, CA - December 9, 2021

Today, 1health Inc. announced the immediate availability of "Proctor+,"  a new service to help companies more easily implement onsite COVID-19 testing in compliance with the new OSHA vaccine mandate. The Proctor+ service connects patients with trained proctors to capture and certify administration and validation of COVID-19 tests. Proctoring helps ensure compliance with the current vaccine mandate and gives employers an extra tool to safeguard their populations.


The recent OSHA COVID-19 vaccine mandate affects companies with workforces of 100 or more and requires their unvaccinated employees to provide a negative COVID-19 test weekly 1 . With just under 60% of the adult population fully vaccinated 2 , many companies are leveraging rapid, on-site testing to ensure employees remain compliant and able to work. However, because the mandate stipulates that employees may not both administer and read their results, 

companies are searching for ways to proctor each test to fully meet the requirement. 


1health already provides Safe & Clear, the industry's leading end-to-end vaccine mandate solution. Safe & Clear leverages a full software solution for vaccine and test management with a network of test kit providers and clinical laboratories. Proctor+ joins this offering to provide companies with a more complete, customizable offering to meet virtually any need.


“Both the OSHA mandate and the threats posed by the ongoing pandemic are increasing the demand for professionally proctored rapid testing,” said Nikhil Arun, VP of Product at 1health. “By providing a solution that works seamlessly with their existing testing programs, we can immediately fill this need.” 

 “Our mission is to turn diagnostic testing and resulting into a simple and accessible set of online services,” said Mehdi Maghsoodnia, CEO of 1health. “Proctoring was a natural extension of the 1health platform. Proctor+ is a service that has immediate relevance to employers challenged with meeting OSHA requirements and keeping their employees safe.”

Customers can learn more about the Proctor+ service at https://learnmore.1health.io/proctor and follow the instructions there to sign up. 




About 1health

At 1health, we’re committed to making diagnostic testing easy and accessible by building the infrastructure  that helps labs - and their customers - connect patients to testing and care. Our powerful platform provides end-to-end solutions to help labs streamline their processes, expand their capabilities, and enhance their accessibility while our flexible APIs enable lab customers to drive better patient engagement and compliance through uniquely accessible and impactful solutions.



To learn more, visit 1health.io.


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