Unleash Training Intelligence for Data-driven Decision Making

Press Release from Administrate

The days of limited activity metrics—like attendance, exit surveys, and course count—are over.

Enterprise training has become a sophisticated locus of talent management innovation, driving business success. Among training teams in leading organizations, the accessibility, analysis, and utilization of a well-crafted data architecture fuels and informs this innovation, not only for the training function but for the success of the business as a whole.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the significance of data literacy, as well as the risk of failing to pursue this core skill for training leaders today. We’ll identify three myths about training data management that hold back training teams from realizing their full impact in the organization. And, we’ll outline how to architect your plan for mining decision-ready from the training function, transforming training from a cost center to an intelligence hub for your organization.

Researching how training can enter the decision economy is a powerful first step in putting your training data to work as organizational intelligence. Let’s get started.


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