Are You a Member of a Company ERG That Supports Parents?

Press Release from Peace at Home Parenting Solutions

No matter what industry you’re in, work-life harmony is extremely important to well being and success—both at home and at work. However, a heartbreaking 66% of working parents struggle with parental burnout, the result of chronic stress and exhaustion that overwhelm a parent’s ability to cope and function. In addition, kids today are in the middle of a mental health crisis, with soaring rates of anxiety, depression and self-harm, including suicide. 

All of this makes it apparent that kids need their parents more than ever, but parents today are lacking in the resources to be there for their kids while still giving their all on the job. 

Employers are in a unique position to help their employees cope with work-life stress, and one way this can be accomplished is through the formation of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These groups are a powerful influencer on company culture and support authentic employee wellbeing. Peace at Home Parenting is proud to partner with many ERG leaders to learn about the needs of their members and customize much-needed support for working parents.

If your company has a parent-centered ERG, consider joining to play an active part in supporting your fellow parents in the workplace and getting the support you may need to find balance. If your company doesn’t have a group, consider approaching your leadership about starting one. How might joining or starting an ERG at your organization benefit you as an employee?

  • ERG leaders and members can make real change.  Leaders of ERGs are a prime point of communication between company leadership and employees. Because of this, ERG leaders are able to help provide opportunities—such as partnering with Peace at Home—that help members feel seen and heard.  
  • ERGs help members identify ways to optimize work-life harmony.  They highlight effective strategies and sensitize managers to the needs of various employee groups. In addition, these groups connect employees across departments and disciplines in ways that strengthen their roles as professionals and as caregivers.
  • Finally, because ERG work is often volunteer-based, leaders are extremely passionate about creating an equal, safe, and positive work environment for their members.  They are motivated to offer programming which will help improve member quality of life in the workplace and at home as well which directly impacts work life. 

ERGs can help to drastically improve the quality of life for not only members, but all employees. If you’re not a part of one in your workplace, consider joining or finding out ways you can contribute. 

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