Pulse on People: What’s keeping CPOs up at night?

Press Release from Knoetic

Following a summer of booming travel and events, employees are relieved to finally reconnect in person. For companies, change seems unrelenting, and the plans they’ve put in place to engage their next-gen workforce are still very much evolving—from identifying a return to office model that’s right for the business to mitigating burnout and attrition.

The latest topic permeating C-suite conversations? How to remain a category leader while bracing for economic change.

this webinar, happening Wednesday, October 5 at 1pm ET/10am PT, Melissa Lightbody, CPO of Synack, and Scott Domann, CPO of Calm, will sit down with Knoetic Founder & CEO, Joseph Quan, to reveal what’s top of mind for the 2,000+ executives and Chief People Officers from the CPOHQ community including:

- Retention benchmarks and breakthrough strategies to curb attrition
- Ways to remain competitive with Gen Z in the return to the office
- How people leaders can proactively prepare for a recession

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