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Press Release from Tesseon

In a move that sets a new standard for convenience in the Payroll and HR industry, Tesseon , a company fostering innovative employee management solutions with heart, is excited to unveil its Instant Quote Tool for their Essentials Payroll Package. This new feature is Tesseon's answer to an industry that often complicates what should be simple, getting a payroll quote.

Business owners and HR professionals crave solutions that respect their time and cut through the noise. That’s precisely what Tesseon’s Instant Quote Tool does. With just a few easy steps, users receive a personalized quote tailored to their organization - no waiting, no unnecessary back-and-forths, and certainly no complications.

“Doing business should be easy. Sadly, that’s not always the case in our industry. We’re here to change that narrative,” stated Rick Cottrell, CEO, at Tesseon. “Our Instant Quote Tool is a reflection of our mission to not only provide top-notch Payroll and HR solutions but to make accessing them as simple as possible."

But don’t be fooled—simplicity doesn’t mean Tesseon compromises on quality or support. Businesses can still expect the personalized, dedicated assistance Tesseon is celebrated for. This approach aligns with their belief in offering solutions that are not just effective but are embedded with value and care, ensuring each interaction is as seamless as the last.

The introduction of the Instant Quote Tool represents more than just an innovation in technology; it’s a shift towards more transparent, straightforward business interactions in the Payroll and HR space.

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