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Getzkin Executive Career Coaching & Consulting “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” GETZKIN EXECUTIVE CAREER COACHING SERVICES 1. INTRODUCTORY INTAKE including in-depth Career and Personal Assessment 2. Development of a PERSONAL BRANDING strategy for effective MESSAGING 3. Individualized MARKET RESEARCH to drive targeted Employer Exploration 4. Professionally developed EXECUTIVE RESUME which captures the interest of the appropriate decision makers 5. Professionally developed LINKEDIN PROFILE to get you discovered 6. PERSONAL INTRODUCTIONS and CRITICAL CONNECTIONS to frequently mystifying job market connections 7. NETWORKING SKILLS and coaching (with video role play) that deliver results a) Contact grid - who are the right people for you to contact? b) Call planning worksheet- plan your calls and work your plan c) Referral meeting report- what were the results of your meetings? 8. An engaging EXECUTIVE SUMMARY enhancing your Personal Branding 90 second Introduction & 200 Word Branding Statement for use in Networking 9. INTERVIEWING PRACTICE and COACHING a) Mock phone screen interview - audio recorded with playback analysis b) Mock in-person or virtual interviews - video recorded with playback analysis c) In-depth Interview preparation with anticipated questions and response strategies d) Role playing, assessment and feedback 10. Periodic CHECK-INS to sustain FOCUS, MOTIVATION and ENCOURAGEMENT 11. JOB OFFER and SALARY NEGOTIATION strategies and guidance 12. NEW JOB support to ensure success in your new role

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