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Global Expansion is the leading Employer of Record (EOR) solutions provider, enabling companies to confidently hire, onboard, pay, and manage global teams—without an entity. With capabilities in 214 countries and territories, Global Expansion’s suite of services delivers the speed, precision, and flexibility businesses need to capitalize on international opportunities.

Powered by award-winning tech that simplifies each global HR task, Global Expansion isn’t just a tech company: it’s the global employment extension of your team. Global Expansion’s trusted experts provide fast, actionable advice that remains unrivaled. Discover why 15,000 global mobility and HR professionals trust our brands at GlobalExpansion.com.

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By Global Expansion

Employer of Record Global Expansion’s EOR platform and support services allow you to quickly hire legal, full-time workers in a new country without having to first establish a local business entity. On paper, the worker is employed by us, but in every meaningful sense, they work for you. Looking for a better... Read more »

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Global HR You focus on your business, we take care of your people. Rely on our experienced staff to handle core global HR tasks - onboarding, payroll, leave, benefits and more. Hire global candidates quickly. Our platform and services make it possible to hire whom you want, when you want. Eliminate... Read more »

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Global Taxes We take the complexity out of global taxes and bring down costs. As you expand into new markets, it can be difficult to know where your tax liability lies. We safeguard your assets and account for local taxation nuances, making sure you’ll always pay just the right amount. Personal tax... Read more »

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