Major Health Research University Automates Conflict of Interest Disclosure

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Simplify. Structure. Capture.

With Checkbox, our customers are turning lengthy, manual processes into neat, controlled automations in the field of legal compliance. 

In order to streamline their annual compliance check-in, we helped our customer complete their process with two surveys. 

This client works with over a hundred doctors, needing to check for conflicts of interest and ensure that contact information is up to date. Previously this was a time-consuming process, with countless emails, spreadsheets, and clerical upkeep. 

Upon meeting, they provided the scope of the project. They had a general build of a questionnaire, and they outlined requirements they would need from our platform: 

  • Capture over 20 fields and associate them with a contact
  • Respondents are able to return to the survey and change their answers
  • Reminder emails go out on a regular cadence when respondents haven’t responded 
  • Have a point person who they would be working with 

After a few short meetings, we agreed we could complete the project successfully. 

Our approach was to have two surveys, one for onboarding and another for the annual check-in. 

For the onboarding survey, medical professionals who are new to the program enter their information into the fields:

This information is then saved with their contact in Checkbox, associating all of their data under a neat umbrella. All of the information is stored in the client’s Checkbox account, and can be exported to the XLS format in one click.:

If respondents have financial information they would like to report, they are prompted to enter it: 

If they do have one or more financial relationships to report, the survey automatically sends an email directly to the Program Administrator, notifying them of the potential conflict of interest to review. 

For the annual check-in survey, the survey displays the selected information we have to the survey taker. They are then asked if the information is all correct, or if they would like to make changes. If changes are needed, it directs them through similar questions to the onboarding survey, allowing them to enter information in fields, which automatically updates the information that is stored and associated with their contact. 

With these two surveys, the client can onboard and keep information current for every professional in the program. The upkeep involves simply scheduling the surveys to send and following up with individuals whose responses are automatically flagged by the surveys.

While this is one example of a process that can be automated and simplified, the approaches and results can be customized to your business needs. Feel free to reach out! We’d love a chance to show you what Checkbox can do for your automation needs.

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