The Complete Guide to High Volume Hiring: Outsourcing the Process Right

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The Complete Guide to High Volume Hiring

Need a lot of workers quickly? You’re not alone. The process of mass hiring, also referred to as volume recruiting or mass deployment, is when an organization needs to hire many employees at the same time. Unlike the traditional recruitment process, this can bring about its own unique set of challenges, financial, logistical and more.

Ultimately, any business that hopes to grow and become a success, needs to be able to scale their workforce when the time is right. Fortunately, there are several proven strategies that make this process seamless and efficient. In this article, we’re breaking down mass hiring and deployment best practices and giving you some additional insight on why working with Movo might be right for you!

What is High Volume Hiring?

High volume hiring or recruiting refers to any situation in which an employer is filling a large number of open positions in a given time frame. This is a common practice in industries like retail and hospitality, especially when opening new locations or to account for seasonal changes in demand.

High volume hiring is also increasingly being deployed by hospitals, energy, retail, manufacturing, and logistics companies. These types of organizations are often looking for a high volume of frontline professionals able to start working quickly in day or night shifts in order to keep up with fluctuations in demand. These roles might be highly specialized or fill more general purposes, but either way requires a large amount of highly skilled top talent, and quickly.

High Volume Hiring vs Traditional Hiring

Hiring in high volume differs from the process you might be familiar with of individually screening and interviewing candidates one-by-one. The process can bring about its own unique parameters and set of challenges. Some of the potential issues you can run into while mass hiring include:

  • Time Constraints – If you have a bootstrapped HR/recruiting team, it can be difficult to screen, meet with and onboard all the candidates you need within a given time frame.
    Applicant Quality – It’s always a balance of quality and quantity, especially, when you’re specifically looking for volume. You’ll want to ensure job listings reach the right people in order to align your applicant pool with the skills and experience you’re seeking.
    Visibility – Are you reaching the right networks? A mass hiring campaign might require a company to expand their advertising or find new places to post job openings in order to compete with other firms.

Why is High Volume Hiring so Crucial Right Now?

You’ve probably heard some about the “great resignation” during and after the Pandemic or read stories about firms struggling to attract and retain workers of all kinds. The truth is, that potential workers are presented with their choice of opportunities, and a frustrating application process can be enough to ward off the talent you’re seeking.

When done incorrectly, mass hiring can seem impersonal or confusing, so it’s more important than ever to perfect your process before you start, or partner with a trusted external organization well-skilled in the techniques that work. Here are some of our top tips to keep in mind as you develop your own mass hiring process, and some more information about the type of innovative strategic offerings we provide here at Movo.

 Tips for High Volume Hiring

Tip #1: Get the Word Out!
Determining your sourcing strategy is one of the first and most important steps in the process. When it comes to mass hiring, start by casting a wide net. Of course, you’re probably familiar with popular online job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn, but consider niche job boards and those targeted at diverse candidates. More frequently, candidates are also turning to social media, including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to find their next role, so don’t be afraid to experiment with finding your audience where they already are.

Tip #2: Don’t Forget to Account for Costs
High volume recruiting can incur additional costs that you don’t see in the traditional hiring process. Before you dive in, create a detailed budget accounting for expenses like advertising, events and time and labor to process applications, so no surprises sneak up during the process.

Tip #3: Automate Where You Can
This can be trickier than you think. Many companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which can be an essential part of streamlining a candidate’s personal information and tracking applications. However, over reliance on this type of technology can make candidates feel more like a number than a person, and de-personalize the process. Take the extra time to do it right. Ensure external company-messaging feels personal and the experience is free of technical bugs and annoying repetitive forms. It’s the personal human touch that will set your organization apart, and ultimately lead you to closing the deal with a higher percentage of high quality candidates.

Tip #4: Perfect Your Screening Process
Time is of the essence when mass hiring, and you’ll once again want to balance automation with personalization. Decide in advance if you’ll be screening resumes via ATS, in-person or a combination of both. Depending on the role(s) you’re hiring for, a skills assessment or video interview format might be a good way to quickly narrow your pool to only candidates that meet your needs.

Tip #5: Make Sure You Have Infrastructure Ready for Onboarding
The moment that candidates officially become employees does NOT mark the end of the mass hiring process. Are you prepared to quickly and efficiently onboard new team members, potentially numbering into the hundreds? Consider automating the onboarding process as well, where feasible or incorporating online or group training in a period in between candidates accepting their offer and their official first day. Costs associated with onboarding should also be included within your overall recruiting budget.

What is it Like to Work With Movo for High Volume Hiring?

As you can see, a lot goes into the mass hiring process, especially when you need a lot of workers quickly. For this reason, a number of organizations have turned to Movo to meet the needs of today’s labor market.

What sets Movo apart from traditional HR software is our ability to completely automate the onboarding process. The innovative high volume hiring strategies we offer through the proprietary Movo app include:

  • Hiring Automation – Fill your workforce deficit with our on-demand full-team deployment capabilities. We can have you at full capacity in 1-2 weeks.
  • Innovative sourcing for today’s critical jobs -From connecting transportation deserts, to nearshoring, to algorithmic job-matching, we help provide you a high-productivity workforce where traditional recruiting can’t or won’t. All at the push of a button.

Movo serves industries across the spectrum of high volume hiring from travel nurses to wind power and industrial robotics technicians. We offer a full range of jobs from entry level to highly experienced engineers and team leaders.

If you’re ready to access a happy, super productive and predictable workforce, contact us today!

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