Is a Contract Recruiter Or Outsourcing Recruitment Better?

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Have you ever experienced that green-light feeling? When you’re driving down the road (maybe running a bit behind), and you seem to hit every green light? Those small, smooth moments can elate any rough day into one infused with success and passion.

That “green light” moment is exactly how you should feel when you align your recruitment bandwidth to your hiring demand without surplus. Recruitment teams are already in a tough place right now with many industries still in a competitive talent market. With the added challenge of remote workplaces, shifting market dynamics, and increasing automation, right-sizing talent acquisition is more daunting than ever. 

So, what’s the best recruitment strategy to maintain a lean talent acquisition team that can adjust to hiring swings on cue?  And what does a robust talent acquisition strategy bring to your entire recruitment process?

Let’s take a look at why investing in a temporary Contract Recruiter or an Outsourced Recruitment Provider can help supercharge your hiring process. Whether you’re looking for short-term support to augment recruitment bandwidth or a long-lasting engagement to manage hiring with added flexibility, let’s take a deep dive into both options to help you determine which suits your organization best. 

What is an Outsourced Recruitment Provider?

First, let’s remind ourselves of what an Outsourced Recruitment provider does. When outsourcing recruitment, an Outsourced Recruitment provider augments an organization’s talent acquisition staff with external services that will assume a degree of internal recruitment delivery.

This flexible recruitment model allows organizations to tap into supplemental recruitment capabilities while avoiding inflating internal headcount and reducing payroll costs. The service allows organizations to easily adjust the scale to match hiring volume, transforming recruitment into a more flexible cost center. When your RPO cost can be reduced or expanded monthly, you can adjust your budget accordingly.

Pros of Working with an Outsourced Recruitment Provider:

1. Access to Expertise – Outsourced Recruitment providers are experts in recruitment and have a deep understanding of the industry, market trends, and best practices. They have access to advanced technology and tools that can streamline the recruitment process and improve candidate quality. Often, the result of a successful outsourced recruitment engagement results in a company’s internal team skills and performance being elevated. 

2. Speed & Scalability – An outsourced recruitment provider has a dedicated talent acquisition team that is qualified and vetted, with proven recruitment solutions that can be implemented quickly. This frees up time from your overall talent acquisition team by removing the friction of having to conduct a formal search for direct recruitment support. Outsourced recruiting services are designed to be flexible and adapt to changing business needs. As your organization grows or undergoes fluctuations in hiring volume, the Outsourced Recruitment provider can adjust their services accordingly. This allows for scalability and ensures that your recruitment needs are always met.

3. Technology to Access a Larger Talent Pool – With the help of an Outsourced Recruitment provider, you benefit from their technology stack, which gives access to a larger talent pool. They have talent sourcing and advanced recruitment frameworks that can help you attract top candidates for your open positions.

4. Cost Savings – As mentioned earlier, working with an Outsourced Recruitment provider can help reduce operational costs by reducing the need for internal recruitment staff and technology. Outsourced Recruitment companies work on a fixed-rate pricing model, meaning you only pay for services when needed and you never pay hiring fees or commission. This can result in significant cost savings for your organization.

5. Enhanced Candidate Experience – With their expertise and resources, Outsourced Recruitment providers can create a seamless and positive experience for candidates throughout the recruitment process. This includes efficient communication, personalized interactions, and a smooth onboarding process leading to improved candidate satisfaction and a stronger employer brand.

What Does A Contract Recruiter Bring To Talent Acquisition?

What if your hiring process needs strategic solutions that focus on the who more than the what? Whether you are looking for underrepresented talent or you need to source talent for unique open positions, a Contract Recruiter can ease your recruitment cost expenditures in a way an in-house recruiter or recruitment agencies may not offer.

Hiring a temporary Contract Recruiter will allow you to benefit from adding recruitment bandwidth without adding more full-time staff. When you expand the potential of your recruitment processes, you can increase your payroll flexibility and offer the option to extend or end the contracted assignment at any time.

To hire a temporary Contract Recruiter, you need to conduct a standard internal search, which involves:

  • Marketing expenses
  • Assigning an interview panel
  • Dedicating time to schedule interviews with several qualified candidates before selecting a Contract Recruiter

Talent Acquisition Contract Recruiters have the skills and experience to navigate your talent pipeline and connect the right people with your hiring strategy beyond hiring a full-time recruiter. They can also provide additional support in areas of recruitment operations and project management – something a staffing company and some non-talent RPO partners can offer.

Pros of hiring a temporary Contract Recruiter:

1. Cost-Effective – One of the biggest advantages of hiring a temporary Contract Recruiter is cost-effectiveness. Unlike a full-time recruiter, you only pay for hours worked on the time assigned to the contractor’s assignment which saves you money on benefits and other overhead recruitment expenses.

2. Flexibility – By hiring a temporary Contract Recruiter, you have more flexibility in your payroll expenses. You can easily scale up or down your recruitment efforts according to your business needs without worrying about long-term commitments.

3. Quick Recruitment Process – Temporary Contract Recruiters are experts in their field and have experience working with various companies, industries, and job segments. A high-performing Contract Recruiter can quickly assess your hiring needs and provide efficient bandwidth, resulting in a faster recruitment process.

4. Specialized Skills and Knowledge – Contract Recruiters have specialized skills and knowledge in recruitment strategies, sourcing techniques, and candidate evaluation methods. They can bring new ideas and perspectives to your recruitment process, leading to better hiring decisions.

When Scaling Talent Acquisition, Here’s Why Outsourced Recruitment Providers Give You an Edge

Outsourced Recruitment Providers Have Vetted and Qualified Talent Partners on Standby

One of the clear benefits of partnering with an Outsourced Recruitment Provider is that they maintain an internal bench of highly qualified and experienced Talent Partners which removes the process of vetting, interviewing, and qualifying from your plate.

Their business model is designed to augment your recruitment function as swiftly as possible, and they do so by actively engaging with the best Talent Acquisition professionals in the industry. 

To ensure success, they select the best possible partner to plug in as an extension of your team which allows you to maintain all candidate data. This usually involves selecting a recruiter who has industry knowledge and/or vast experience with your specific upcoming headcount and eliminates conducting a full internal search as well as freeing up time by avoiding spending multiple hours interviewing candidates in hopes of securing a ‘strong hire.’

At Analytics Search, we have one of the fastest Outsourced Recruitment implementations in the industry, giving you the elasticity to manage your recruitment support with increased flexibility and agility. We have a dedicated effort to maintain the top 1% of Talent Partners in the industry to ensure that our clients receive the highest recruitment support possible. 

Outsourced Recruitment Providers Bring Talent Sourcing Tools to Add Increased Passive Recruitment

Most organizations that onboard a Contract Recruiter rely on the internal talent acquisition tech stack they currently have access to.  This may be effective in some cases, but in most cases, leveraging new Talent Sourcing tools may give your organization an edge to attract new, high-quality candidates.

Some of the more established organizations have access to multiple newer talent-sourcing products and will build a custom sourcing stack best suited to your hiring goals.

For example, a healthcare provider may benefit from an Outsourced Recruitment Provider equipping their staff with, a Swordfish product that gives access to 11MM healthcare professionals. Many providers have bulk deals with multiple sourcing companies which provides a significant cost reduction to your organization by exploring sourcing options directly, further providing added value as a strategic partner. 

An Outsourced Recruitment Provider Can Elevate your Internal Team with new Recruitment Frameworks and Strategies

Another benefit to working with an Outsourced Recruitment Provider is that they are fully dialed into the most relevant talent reporting and talent sourcing frameworks, which may increase the overall performance of your internal team. 

From talent mapping to social recruitment strategies, an Outsourced Recruitment Provider should be on the cutting edge of recruitment strategies that enhance their effectiveness day-to-day.  At Analytics Search, our Talent Partners study the market to provide added value to our client’s internal teams, allowing them to become more strategic as a result of our engagement.

Outsourced Recruitment Providers have time-tested solutions for talent reporting, strategic stakeholder partnership, and problem-solving. Talent reporting in recruitment allows stakeholders added visibility into roadblocks earlier in the process, and they also provide insights into bottlenecks within talent funnels that may accelerate success. 

Most organizations can benefit from having an outside approach to talent reporting. Talent reporting is a vital tool for organizations to become optimal strategic business partners. It helps them leverage metrics, manage headcount and workforce planning, create a sourcing and marketing plan, and overcome obstacles. By doing so, talent reporting enhances the value of talent acquisition as a support group for the overall business objectives.

You Can Offload Recruitment Performance Management, Freeing More Time From your Schedule 

An important benefit to using an Outsourced Recruitment Provider instead of a Contract Recruiter is that the provider should maintain performance management and conduct weekly cadences with their team. 

Sometimes, the end client will also have a routine communication plan or even a set cadence with the assigned recruiter.  This helps resolve internal challenges and facilitate cross-departmental work when needed.  Removing performance tacking from your talent acquisition team’s plate frees their schedule to handle more pressing projects and responsibilities.  

At Analytics Search, we fully adapt to our clients’ cadence preferences. We recommend scheduling a consistent standup with one of our Client Success leaders to review hires, pipelines, and weekly-to-monthly reporting. This form of communication ensures long-lasting relationships, knowing that we are maintaining our mutually agreed KPI and ensuring you’re on track to achieve your hiring deadlines.  

Building A Talent Acquisition Strategy – Which is the Better Recruitment Strategy for You? 

Hiring a Contract Recruiter or partnering with an Outsourced Recruitment Provider offers added flexibility to adjust recruitment resources and reduce full-time recruitment costs.  Both eliminate the need to pay expensive recruitment agency placement fees and offer you the option to close the assignment or extend it based on your internal hiring needs. 

If you are looking for an experienced Outsourced Recruitment Provider, Analytics Search offers US-based on-demand Talent Partners that deliver end-to-end recruitment.  We offer one of the fastest implementations in the industry with our vetted and qualified team of recruiters who can quickly become an extension of your team, and add support to help you through a hiring push. Our team comes equipped with some of the most effective talent acquisition technology on the market leading to increased overall performance.  

Built for Elasticity, We Offer External Talent Acquisition Solutions that Adjust to your Hiring Demand 

  • Strategic advisory is both collaborative and digestible using our talent reports
  • Increased passive candidate recruitment with our candidate sourcing tools
  • Established social recruitment, diversity sourcing, and talent mapping frameworks
  • Ensure candidate experience doesn’t skip a beat as an extension of your team
  • Full-circle communication cadence with a dedicated Client Director focused on monitoring performance-driven KPIs
  • No placement fees and up to 40-60% reduced employee costs for many of our customers

Ready to learn more about how Outsourced Recruitment services from Analytics Search can help? Schedule a consultation with our Sales Professionals and learn why leading companies trust us as their premier Outsourced Recruitment provider.

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