Companies in the SHRM Human Resource Vendor Directory

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Xactly Corporation

Xactly has helped thousands of companies and millions of sellers around the world beat their revenue targets.  Using Xactly’s solutions, leaders look past the current quarter to create revenue streams for long-term growth. The Xactly Intelligent Revenue Platform marries artificial... Read More

XBInsight, Inc

XBInsight is a sophisticated and innovative talent assessment company, and partner to the world’s leading companies, giving clients the actionable information they need to make smart people-decisions that drive business impact. The XBInsight Advanced Talent Assessment System is the only of its... Read More


Work related injuries and chronic pain increasing your costs? We have the solution and it can all be accessed from the palm of your hand. XcelABLE provides a tailored, curated program for training and education for your employees to reduce and prevent injuries. We have over 30 health experts... Read More


Running and managing a small or medium-sized business is a complicated task. But, when you throw in the additional chores of payroll management, HR management, benefits administration, and compliance reporting, running a small or medium-sized business becomes almost impossible. With XcelHR, we... Read More

XcelMil, LLC

About XcelMil, LLC is an executive management consulting firm specializing in executive coaching, leader development, change management, diversity, equity and inclusion, and collective resiliency. Our Vision Our goal when working with clients is to inspire leaders and individuals to achieve... Read More

Xelas Consulting

Xelas Consulting was started in 2013 by James A. Tyson, Ph.D. Dr. Tyson has extensive leadership experience in athletics and industry and specializes in the identification, development, and retention of outstanding team players. He uses a straight-forward approach to executive coaching and... Read More


Xelerate Read More

Xemplar Tradesmen Recruiting

Xemplar Tradesmen Recruiting provides head-hunting-quality staffing and direct placement recruiting services for trades positions on behalf of high-quality industrial clients. Xemplar recruits for positions such as CNC machinists, equipment mechanics, diesel mechanics, millwrights, welders,... Read More

Xerox Human Resource Services

Buck Consultants at Xerox offers strategic advice and innovative technology to help businesses effectively manage their HR programs while engaging employees in their health, wealth, and careers. By integrating our HR consulting know-how with the core Human Resources Services of Xerox, we offer a... Read More

Xexec Inc.

Xexec helps companies create a culture of engagement and motivation through social recognition and meaningful employee rewards. Xexec programs include - Peer to peer recognition, Manager to employee awards, Long Service Awards, Annual nomination, Social Recognition. Reward and... Read More


Most Americans aren’t prepared for financial emergencies, saving for retirement or staying ahead of personal debt. We’re trying to fix that, by making it easy for people to start saving then we boost them to their goals. We partner with employers trying to recruit and retain people by... Read More

XINNIX, The Mortgage Academy

We energize and transform individuals, teams and organizations to elevate their thinking, accelerate their performance and experience incredible results. Read More

XL Staffing, Inc.

One of Southern California's leading employment agencies, we provide complete staffing services and unparalleled service. Full-time, part-time, temporary or long term, XL Staffing provides it all, and we are the region's leading experts in staffing the tourism, hospitality, and manufacturing... Read More


Disasters donít wait until youíre at your desk. Your response canít wait either. Manage emergency communications from anywhere and enable your employees to provide value with real-time input from the field. Read More

Xonex Relocation

XONEX helps our clients refine, or develop a comprehensive employee relocation and global mobility solution. We give the transferee focused attention and supplement it with convenient web and mobile app. technology. For our clients, we provide what information they need, when they need it.... Read More


XOR builds modern communication software that helps recruiting and HR teams hire and retain talent more efficiently. Read More


Xoxoday is a fintech SaaS company with products for every dimension of business growth. Xoxoday suite of three SaaS products, Plum, Empuls, and Compass allow businesses to digitize rewards, engagement, and incentives for various personas and use-cases across all industries. Xoxoday is... Read More

XP3 Talent

XP3 Talent aims to help businesses hire, onboard, and retain exceptional employees with their comprehensive and unique combination of software, talent acquisition, training, and coaching services. By leveraging science and analytics to identify high-quality candidates, they ensure a seamless and... Read More

Xpeerant, Inc.

Xpeerant, has a strong, experienced, and technically based recruiting team.  Our recruiters follow a detailed process which enables them to effectively connect with our customers.  This ensures we have a clear picture of the  ideal candidate.  Xpeerant provides highly experienced Design,... Read More


XperienceHR offers comprehensive, cloud-based HR solutions to optimize time tracking, attendance, leave management, and scheduling processes for businesses across industries. With a strong focus on flexibility, multi-country support, and compliance with labor laws, XperienceHR streamlines HR... Read More


XpertHR was established in 2002 with a single mission: empowering HR teams to build successful workforces. We help HR professionals comply with global, federal, state and municipal employment law on a daily basis by providing tools to achieve strategic business goals. We strive to be agile in... Read More

xuntas - building your place to gather

My Mission. I guide global businesses, teams and individuals to fulfill true purpose in work and life with energetic play and holistic HR strategies that awaken the spirit. Write to brainstorm in your Free Consultation... Read More


Xyleme partners with organizations to transform the way they author, publish, deliver, and analyze learning content to drive business performance. We have assembled everything organizations need to create a dynamic learning environment — from rapid single-source content development to anywhere... Read More

Xyon Business Solutions, Inc.

Xyon was incorporated July 1999 as a staffing agency.  Our focus started within the technology sector quickly moving to Sales, HR, Support, Finance, Operations, etc.  We staff all levels specifically higher/harder to fill positions.   Our sweet spot is fast growing entrepreneurial companies... Read More