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  • Creating AAP Job Groups— It’s an Art, Not a Science!

    Get the “Five Tips for Creating Strategic AAP Job Groups” reference document from Berkshire's own Lynn Clements.
  • Pay Equity Checklist

    It can be intimidating to start your own pay equity analysis. But the experts at Berkshire have you covered!
  • How Manufacturing Companies Can Supercharge Talent Acquisition

    Talent acquisition is challenging right now for every industry, but those challenges are particularly unique in manufacturing. Starring, HR Guru, Tim Sackett, read this quick guide and learn how to boost your recruitment in manufacturing.
  • 2019 Data Preparation Checklist for Affirmative Action Plans

    Use this Data Preparation Checklist to complete your Affirmation Action Plan data gathering process with ease.
  • Five Things You Can Do in the First 30 Days of Being Federal Contractor

    Learn helpful tips on what you can do in the first 30 days as a federal contractor as well as understand why it’s important to execute these tips to remain compliant.
  • Strategically Managing Applicant Data: How to Make the Most of Your Recruitment Efforts

    racking applicant data is an important component of compliance with federal affirmative action requirements. Nottracking applicant data only is it required, but if done strategically, it can provide valuable insight into your company’s hiring practices and help mitigate compliance risks. With...