10/25/21- SHRM- TLB

Content by Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH)

  • Elevating Women in Leadership

    Organizations have been investing in women and in organizational practices for decades with little results. The catalyst for elevating women, in fact, comes down to what managers do every day which has a big impact on the ability of women to advance in their careers. In this report you will...
  • Accountable Teams, Extraordinary Performance

    In today’s business world, teams are the engines that drive business and the catalysts for transformation. The reality is that most teams are mediocre — not bad, but certainly not exceptional. In our report, we show you the path from mediocre to great. It’s a journey that will help your teams...
  • The Leadership Accountability Gap

    Our global study found a core problem: a lack of leadership accountability. Accountable leadership is a requirement for building an organization that can thrive and remain agile, prepared to meet the needs of tomorrow. The leadership accountability gap is not only real, but also addressing it...
  • People Power: The Catalyst for Transformation

    New research reveals that organizations are falling well short of executing the most basic processes and initiatives needed to make workforce transformation a reality.
  • The New ROI: Return on Individual

    From replaceable to renewable — the new ROI and its business case. This paper talks about the positive outcome when organizations focus on the individual. Reskilling and redeploying instead of laying off and rehiring can save a company money and greatly benefit the employee.
  • US 2020 Severance and Separation Benchmark Study

    With profound transformation disrupting today’s workforce, is your company prepared to offer severance and separation benefits that are fair and competitive? Download the full Severance & Separation Benchmark study for insights to help you strategize, plan and implement severance and...