DynaFile’s HR Digital Strategy Empowers the World’s Largest Cardiac Data Network

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The Leading Remote Medical Tech Company Finds Measurable Success with DynaFile’s Paperless HR File Management Solution


The Challenge
BioTelemetry, Inc. is a global leader in remote monitoring technology and has built the world’s largest cardiac data network. The company has a headcount of about 2,000 employees across multiple divisions spanning cardiac monitoring diagnostic services, clinical trials, remote patient monitoring, and scientific consulting. Due to incredible growth and the acquisition of numerous companies, the HR team at BioTelemetry found itself battling legacy systems and running in circles determining which system an individuals’ employee data was stored in. They were desperately in need of one cohesive solution to manage their employee files.

Jill Purcell, BioTelemetrys’ HR Analyst, said they had to overcome numerous challenges due to the complex situation. “It is great to work for a company that is in a select niche market and has been able to grow so drastically, however it does sometimes put us at a disadvantage from an HR perspective because we’re always playing catch up. Luckily, we have a group that thrives in that environment; very fast-paced and very flexible. We needed DynaFile because we had personnel files from numerous legacy companies, all in different formats that we had to get into one system.”

Growing Pains
In 2017, BioTelemetry acquired a very large organization, called Life Watch, that had implemented a legacy personnel filing system. Jill explains, “We had personnel files stored in a few different mediums including paper files, an inherited system, and on our private HR drive.”

Not only were documents scattered throughout numerous systems, but the file naming conventions were inconsistent. “Depending on which employee you were looking for, you had to figure out where their file was and how it was classified. Sometimes it took 10 minutes just to nail down where to go to look for something,” explains Jill.

As the company and the HR department grew, training a new team member to use so many systems proved to be difficult. Jill explains the time-consuming process. “You have to have a matrix of IF this person was hired before this date, you should find their file here, but IF they were hired after this date, and are in this location, they were with this legacy system so you can find their file here.”

Tanya DiPietro, Director of HR Operations, adds, “It’s hard for me to think back to where we were at that point because it was just so inefficient and administratively cumbersome.”

Tipping Point
At the end of 2019, they reached a breaking point. It was agreed that they needed a secure document management system to bring order to the chaos. Jill’s goal was to find and integrate a robust employee filing system. She says, “It was number one on everybody’s list… to figure out what to do with these employee files. It just got to a breaking point.” The initial directive for the team was to continue to utilize the legacy system and integrate all of the documents into it, but, “Jill and I very quickly realized that was not a sustainable option for us. We didn’t like the system, so we started looking at others,” Tanya adds.

After researching numerous document management systems, DynaFile became the clear choice. Jill recalls, “The DynaFile team had the experience and knowledge to integrate with our HR system, ADP, and it became clear it met every one of our needs.”

A Comprehensive Solution
Through BioTelemetry’s research, they determined that they needed to find a solution that would consolidate their paper and electronic files in one secure place and make them easily accessible, and they found that with DynaFile. They realized that the key to effective collaboration was being able to share documents securely with their team members.

Not only did DynaFile provide the security they needed, but there was also no need to have an onboarding module built into their ATS system. With the prebuilt DocuSign integration, they could automatically store new hires’ paperwork securely inside DynaFile.

As Jill says, it was a good fit. “We were like... lightbulb moment! We could fix so many things with one product. We can securely transfer all of that information without having to send attachments through email. And it was a big win from the audit perspective as well. Our audit team was impressed… better than we could have expected and much more cost-efficient than having to implement an entire onboarding module within our HRIS system.”

Implementation Done Right
“Both Jill and I knew the implementation was not going to be easy considering all the different sources [of employee data]. We needed a company to partner with us and help us through it and we got that feeling with DynaFile immediately. Knowing that we were going to have our hand held through the implementation to make sure we were set up correctly, to me that was one of the biggest wins,” says Tanya.

Tanya recalls frustrations of one of their legacy systems, “which I almost lost my mind from, was getting our data out of our other cloud-based system. We couldn’t get our data out of the system in an effective manner. However, the DynaFile team was able to work with us to extract and normalize the data. Their persistence was fantastic and helped us through the issue.”

Another challenge that seemed daunting to the team, was scanning all of the paper files into DynaFile’s electronic filing system. With so many legacy companies that had been acquired as BioTelemetry grew, they didn’t have the staff to dedicate the time to such an undertaking.

Jill recalls, “Our first thought, was how can we ever think about spending the time to scan these paper files? We don’t have the time to do that, and immediately our DynaFile account manager, Jena, told us, ‘We have a resource.’”

Not only is DynaFile a powerhouse on its own, but they have partnered with companies, such as CDL Scanning, to help facilitate the implementation process and can often get a new client up and running in 30 days or less. Jill says, “Jena was able to get us the resources that we needed to overcome any challenges. It was one place for us to find what we needed to do.”

Timing is Everything
During the time DynaFile was being implemented, the world entered the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic of 2020, which brought on unprecedented challenges for businesses across the globe. The team was able to create virtual data rooms and secure document portals to share specific information with select users that they could access from the safety of their homes. Jill recalls, “It helped [to have DynaFile in place] because we were training remotely, and I can’t imagine how we could have operated without it. When we first went remote, we had to modify our IT infrastructure to support an entirely remote workforce, but the fact that DynaFile was cloud-based instead of having to be on our internal network was really helpful.”

Using Data to Shape Company Policies
Oftentimes, a report that is generated from a document management solution is treated as a very binary output. Is the report complete or missing? The HR team quickly found that there was much more to these reports than expected. Jill states, “What’s been really important, that was not even on our radar to use before we had DynaFile, was the robust capabilities for document auditing and reporting.”

Jill adds, “Our HR Department is trying to do a lot with data now and DynaFile was a great solution to provide that. We already do reporting each month so we’ve now added those DynaFile reports into our processes.” For example, they can audit new hire documentation, validate retention requirements, and review performance-improvement plans that have been issued and see how many have been completed. The data can quickly highlight if increased employee training is needed.

Additionally, DynaFile can track corrective action documents so they can see how many attendance issues they have in a given month. Jill says it helps to raise the right questions, such as, “Is our attendance policy becoming a problem? How many final warnings are people getting? Are we at risk of losing people because they’re on a final warning and potentially could be terminated? That level of reporting detail… we couldn’t have imagined something like that before. And if we could, how we would even do it?”

Live, real-time reporting that provides data that you can trust can be an invaluable tool to foster a productive team. Knowing that everyone is having an issue with the attendance policy, means policy changes can be made that help their company thrive.

Proven Results
Tanya and Jill both agree that their digital transformation of employee data with DynaFile has helped to make their jobs easier. Jill says, “Using Dynafile is 5 times faster than our previous mess of a filing system… It’s been really great.” They have been able to leverage the power of the cloud-based document management system to streamline the onboarding of new employees, run reports that give insight into corporate policies, and continue to move forward in the face of a global pandemic. Jill adds, “We were able to seamlessly integrate DynaFile with our HRIS so we didn’t have to change anything about our processes. We could mold DynaFile to fit into what was already in place, and it made the experience SO much better.”


About DynaFile
Empowering the People Behind the Paper for Over Two Decades
DynaFile™ was originally developed by Blue Ribbon Technologies, based out of Denver, Colorado in 2001. Recognizing that the power of the internet provided a large opportunity for companies to streamline and off-load their mundane day-to-day management of paper documents, Blue Ribbon set off on a mission to develop an application that would allow companies to manage their documents in an efficient manner.

Keeping the cornerstone of simplicity and ease of use first and foremost in mind during the development process, DynaFile was created to help companies easily secure, share and manage their paper and electronic files. DynaFile quickly carved out a unique position in the marketplace by offering a turn-key, web-based solution that allowed customers to get up and running with the system in a matter of minutes without having any need to purchase additional hardware or software. Offering the capabilities to start off small and phase in a paperless methodology over time without the burden and costs associated with an in-house solution, DynaFile has been the document management software of choice for all companies, large or small, that wish to gain better control over their files.

In addition to ease of access, one of the biggest benefits that DynaFile offers is the capability to easily share documents with external business partners and clients. With a few clicks of the mouse, companies can now share and collaborate on documents with utmost confidence that users are provided secure access only to documents that they should view.

Over the years, DynaFile has developed a strong niche within Human Resource departments. Companies commonly use DynaFile to go from paper to electronic personnel files in order to manage the documentation for their workforce in an easier, more organized fashion.

DynaFile partnered with electronic signature leader, DocuSign, in 2008. This strategic partnership offers clients the ability to create online templates for their forms, design the workflows that go along with their processes, and get everything completed and signed completely digitally. A direct integration automatically sends completed documents that have been electronically signed in DocuSign to the correct location inside of DynaFile. Human Resource departments commonly use DynaFile’s integration with DocuSign for electronic employee onboarding.

In 2016 DynaFile partnered with talent acquisition leader, iCIMS. Similar to DynaFile’s integration with DocuSign, onboarding forms completed within iCIMS can be automatically filed in the new hire’s folder inside of DynaFile. The iCIMS integration allows HR departments to experience a completely paperless employee file lifecycle - from recruitment through record retention.

DynaFile’s diligence, real-world approach, and advanced technology translate to numerous benefits, which include proactive customer service. With DynaFile, extraordinary customer support and comprehensive training is included with every subscription. That’s why achieving 100% customer satisfaction is more than a goal; It’s the company’s record.

Give your organization the tools for success and take the first steps towards digital transformation today. To learn how to take your HR department paperless, simplify document management and streamline employee onboarding, visit http://www.dynafile.com or contact Brock Kane (bkane[at]dynafile.com), (303) 459-2078.