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Background screening and human resource solutions firm, First Contact HR is now the proud sponsor of an all new blog for professionals in the human resources industry. HR Magnet Blog ( is an online destination for HR industry news, resources, best practices, compliance updates, tips, tricks and even job advice.

The blog comes at a time when employee engagement, talent acquisition and management, diversity integration, change management, fraud, workplace crime and the unemployment rate are all at the center of attention in the media... but for the HR professional, how do you stay abreast, while delivering superior HR leadership for your organization? HR Magnet aims to provide information for professionals to help them keep up-to-date on evolving trends, Department of Labor and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines, federal and state regulations and workplace best practices - and sometimes, have a little humor doing it.

While company downsizings, a declining U.S. economy and workplace violence are not laughable media headlines, HR Magnet recognizes that HR professionals have a tough, strategic role to play these days; therefore, the blog aims to provide informative and interesting content from its diverse and wide array of sources and writers. 

First Contact HR President and CEO, Leon Singletary says "the HR Magnet Blog is an excellent resource for intelligent and busy people to quickly access current and important HR topics in a simple and easy-to-read format."

Content generated on the blog is originally published work as well as syndicated or reprinted material from various sources around the web that meet HR Magnet's standards. HR Magnet has partnered with many HR, legal, social media and business professionals who are knowledgeable and share great insight into various topics. The features of the blog are endless. It also "features a treasure of continuous, up-to-date information and facts, with the purpose of keeping its readers well informed on the HR-related topics that matter in today's ever-changing environment," Singletary says.

HR Magnet blog launched in April, 2012 and is available now at

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