Be Audit-Secure: 8 Part Video Series

Press Release from Andere Development, LLC

How well prepared is your organization for an audit, inspection, investigation, or (heaven forbid) a lawsuit?

In this 8 Part Video series, I will walk you through the must-haves when confronted with one of these game-changing interactions.

Begin internally auditing your own HR, Payroll, OSHA, and other areas of compliance today!

Learn the basics of compliance made easy.

  • Part 1: Introduction to the concept of  "Audit-Security"
  • Part 2: How to Meet the Reasonable Basis Requirement
  • Part 3: Lisa's Rule of 3s
  • Part 4: Creating Audit-Secure Policies and Procedures
  • Part 5: Develop Standard Operating Procedures
  • Part 6: Audit-Secure Communication Skills
  • Part 7: Training to Comply
  • Part 8: Conduct Internal Audits to "Be Audit-Secure"

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See you on the inside!

Lisa Smith

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