6/21/21-BottomLeaderboard- SHRM

5 Keys to Fixing Communication Before You Lose ANOTHER Employee

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Masterful communication is vital for your success as a manager. Motivating employees, sharing your vision, and interacting with customers all depends on your ability to properly communicate. As a manager, you are in the business of human relationships. You must learn how to communicate well if you are to lead your people in a clear, positive manner. Just as botanists care immensely about plants, statisticians love numbers, and athletes enjoy perfecting their skill, so you must master your area of expertise – people. Yes, your priorities must revolve around pushing the business forward. But initiatives are accomplished through people! As such, you need to take care of your team and communicate effectively. The way you give direction will determine how well your team members execute the tasks assigned to them. And when they succeed, so will you!

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