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About ShareBuilder 401k

ShareBuilder 401k is here to help businesses and their employees save more of their money for retirement.

ShareBuilder 401k brings together leading online and offline technologies with a low cost, index-based approach to investing. Our 401(k) plans are supported with fully licensed 401(k) Consultants and Customer Success Managers to help serve employers and participants at the highest level.

By doing so, we look to reward our customers by helping them save with easy and affordable 401(k) plans.

Products by ShareBuilder 401k

By ShareBuilder 401k

Solo 401(k) Plans

Solo 401(k) plans allow self-employed business owners to increase their retirement savings contributions versus an IRA. Additionally, Solo 401(k) plans offer tax advantages that may result in a lower tax bracket. A solo 401(k) (also known as an individual 401k) is a retirement plan for... Read more »

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Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans

The Safe Harbor plan design is our most popular 401(k) retirement plan for businesses with employees. Safe Harbor plans enable small business owners to contribute the maximum amount of their annual income into a tax-deferred retirement account and automatically satisfy government required... Read more »

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Traditional 401(k)

This plan design gives you more options to tailor for your needs. Top things to know about Traditional plans: To match or not to match–employers decide whether to provide a match or not and offers more options on how to structure the match. Allows employers to establish vesting and/or... Read more »

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