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  • July 2022 Jobs Report

    Our new monthly report that shares stats and information like the most recent and up-to-date Job Market takeaways, unemployment rate and layoffs.
  • Pre-Hire Assesments

    This report provides practical guidance on issues and concerns regarding the use of standardized, self-completed assessments, which include cognitive ability tests, job knowledge tests, personality inventories, biodata inventories and situational judgment tests.
  • 2022 Job Seeker Report

    The 2022 Job Seeker Survey Report, is an analysis of the perceptions and preferences of active and passive candidates across all major industries in the U.S. The report presents a revealing perspective on six key questions, the answers to which should influence your organization’s talent...
  • Diversity & Inclusion

    It’s time to rethink Diversity and Inclusion. Current events have compelled every company to reassess its approach to Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). Failure to “walk the talk” of diversity, equity and fairness negatively impacts share prices, brand equity and the effectiveness of recruiting and...
  • The Talent Driven Recovery

    One of the greatest challenges for business leaders in dealing with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is that the news keeps literally changing daily. This report offers insights on what you can do to maximize the role that talent acquisition can play in optimizing business results...
  • Transforming Recruitment

    According to a recent survey of HR leaders, 39% say they’re harnessing the crisis to reshape and reprioritize their company’s talent agenda. Is your recruitment strategy optimized for the new normal? Transforming Recruitment to Respond to Changing Market Conditions, and updated report,...