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  • Improving Retention Rates For New Hires eBook

    In the post-pandemic work environment, early attrition has become a problem that many organizations struggle to address. Record low unemployment, changes in work attitudes and expectations, and the high cost of replacing people who quit have made retention strategy a high priority for HR leaders.

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  • Pre-Hire Assesments

    This report provides practical guidance on issues and concerns regarding the use of standardized, self-completed assessments, which include cognitive ability tests, job knowledge tests, personality inventories, biodata inventories and situational judgment tests.

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  • 2022 Job Seeker Report

    The 2022 Job Seeker Survey Report, is an analysis of the perceptions and preferences of active and passive candidates across all major industries in the U.S. The report presents a revealing perspective on six key questions, the answers to which should influence your organization’s talent...

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