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  • Executive Recruiting

    Conventional “wisdom” says that the higher level the position is, the higher the recruiting fee should be. In our experience, the higher level the position is, the more visible and accessible candidate prospects are. This makes the sourcing process much less time consuming, which enables us to... Read More
  • Employer Branding

    Why is employment branding important? Every company wants to be an employer of choice. If you have a great reputation as a company or as an employer, people who are actively looking for a job will find you. But when it comes to recruiting the most in-demand and selective talent, that is not... Read More
  • Accounting Recruitment

    As a leading financial recruitment consultant company, you can leverage our accounting recruitment solutions and expertise – including our team of Recruitment Specialists, Sourcers, Writers and Media Professionals – to strategically attract and engage the quality accounting and finance... Read More
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  • Transforming Recruitment By

    This eBook provides research and insight for HR executives who want to achieve incremental improvements in their recruitment strategy to increase competitive advantage. Read more