Visualize employee sentiment in seconds with the ENHANCED Word Cloud Dashboard

Press Release from Retensa Retention Strategies

ExitPro’s exit interview management software has multiple features to streamline the exit interview process and make life easy for HR leadership. With a recent upgrade to ExitPro’s reporting capability, managers can better focus on strategies to reduce employee turnover:

The enhanced World Cloud dashboard combines all the most frequently entered comments into a STUNNING display. Now you can drill down to identify common trends, concerns, and suggestions from any survey, of any microculture, at any time. Tune into the “talk of the town” to support your employees and improve your workforce. The interactive display saves time interpreting data, so you can prioritize the action paths that get results.

To explore these features and other predictive and proactive capabilities on ExitPro, the world’s most advanced exit interview, visit for a free trial.

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