Immediately Flag Unethical, Immoral, and Illegal Activity with your Red Flag Report

Press Release from Retensa Retention Strategies

Incidents of unethical or unhealthy behavior in the workplace are real and undermine the intended culture. A 100% REIMAGINED Red Flag Report now detects warning signs with advanced sentiment analysis. TalentPulse now captures inappropriate behavior sooner…and can deliver to you in real-time. This turnkey report ensures that your workplace is safe and machine learning patterns of Red Flag volume, distribution, frequency, location, and respondent demographics.

The Red Flag Report provides clear visualization of flagged words/phrases and a compilation of related verbatim responses (The default Red Flag “basket” catches most of the inappropriate or unethical behavior as reported by the employee completing a survey).

In the Red Flag Report see:

  1. Showcases the proportion of Red Flag responses in relative to the total responses
  2. Displays a comparison of Red Flag responses for all demographics and location identified for previous year
  3. Distribution of red-flagged responses by demographics and organizational aspects
  4. Word cloud visualization informs the audience which word has been entered in the verbatim most frequently (Intimidate, Harass, Bias , Unethical etc.)
  5. Red Flagged managers by location. A new visualization in your report shows the top 8 locations AND the top 5 managers with the highest number of Red Flag in each location
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