TalentPulse Platform Revamp: Boomerang? Try the Rehire Button

Press Release from Retensa Retention Strategies

Goodbyes aren’t always forever. Rehiring past employees is not only common, in many cases it is preferred. But what happens after they boomerang back? How do you align their TalentPulse profile with the most up-to-date information?

Well, now we’ve got the magic button for you – use our renewed and improved Rehire Employee feature to reset their profile with one click!

After an employee leaves the company and submits their exit interview response, their status becomes “Completed.” Just click on the “Rehire” button, and reactivate their profile. This will instantly:

  1. Allow them to receive new surveys
  2. Maintain contact information and demographics profile
  3. Preserve all historic survey activity and responses

The revamped Rehire feature allows you to restore Rehired employees to their recent employee feedback. Now the history of the employee experience remains, calculating tenure, predicting behavior, and increasing accuracy of actions.

This feature reassures that all past survey responses are remembered, and the employee will be able to re-jump right back into the re-swing of things at the re-workplace.

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