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  • Drivers Want Choice!

    Learn how to build a driver reimbursement program that attracts and retains employees while maintaining company costs.
  • What is a FAVR Vehicle Reimbursement Program?

    This informational guide will explain how a Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) program can solve your vehicle reimbursement needs.
  • Risk management for your vehicle reimbursement program

    Learn how to avoid and mitigate risk for your company with drivers on the road.
  • Creating an HR Defensible Vehicle Reimbursement Program

    Learn how to create an HR defensible vehicle reimbursement program with's exclusive data and management system.
  • Vehicle Reimbursement: A Complete Guide to IRS Approved Methods

    Vehicle reimbursement, travel and fleet expenses are often the second largest expense. To manage this, many companies seek an accurate, reliable, and comprehensive plan that identifies the detailed costs specific to each driver for employee-owned vehicles.
  • Fixed and Variable FAVR Plans

    “If you are new to how a FAVR plan works, we have the top data in the industry to provide a fair and equitable program.”