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  • Your Solution to Vehicle Reimbursement Programs

    If you have employees that drive for business, and have a wish to move to a reimbursement model; a Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) Plan can help you reduce risk, policy issues, and cost while allowing your employees to drive a car they prefer to drive and fits their lifestyle. Read More
  • Driving Certainty in FAVR Plans with Better Processes

    An IRS non-taxable FAVR Plan accounts for the fixed costs, such as depreciation and zip code sensitive insurance data, and the per mile (variable) costs, such as fuel, maintenance, and tires. This enables you to reimburse employees for the actual costs of owning, maintaining, and driving a... Read More

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  • Why Move to a FAVR Program? By

    Learn how a Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) program can elevate your vehicle reimbursement program to meet the needs of your drivers and company. Read more
  • Drivers Want Choice! By

    Learn how to build a driver reimbursement program that attracts and retains employees while maintaining company costs. Read more
  • What is a FAVR Vehicle Reimbursement Program? By

    This informational guide will explain how a Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) program can solve your vehicle reimbursement needs. Read more