DOT Record Storage Requirements

Press Release from Alliance 2020

DOT Record Storage Requirements


Proper storage of drug and alcohol testing records is a major component of DOT compliance. The DOT has specific requirements for employers regarding what records need to be stored and how. Storing all required records in an organized manner will help you pass a DOT audit.

The DOT requires employers to maintain records of both positive and negative drug and alcohol test results, documentation of refusals, SAP reports, follow-up tests as well as information obtained from previous employers regarding drug and alcohol test results. The length of storage for each type of record varies. For more information, please visit the DOT website.

We recommend our clients print out the result certificates and save them in an organized manner in their employee folders. If you choose to store records electronically, the records must be well organized to allow DOT personnel to easily audit them. The records must be stored in a secure location where only authorized individuals have access.

If you are unsure how to locate custody and control forms or result certificates signed by the medical review officer, or if you have any questions about DOT storage requirements, please contact our TPA Manager Minna Faulkes at [email protected] or 425-271-8065 x1004.

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