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Compare companies that provide employee drug and alcohol testing services to find the best fit for your organization's drug testing requirements. Whether you are looking for pre-employment drug screening services or a provider to support your organization's reasonable suspicion, fit for duty, or random testing program, ensure the company offers convenient off-site testing locations and is certified to perform timely, accurate, and lawful employee drug and alcohol tests.


Health Navigation & Clinical Services

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Drug & Alcohol Testing : Medcor delivers convenient drug and alcohol testing services to help companies during the hiring process or to ensure regulatory compliance. Medcor uses the latest technology, strict procedures and certified labs to ensure results are accurate. We can design and manage entire screening programs...
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DISA Global Solutions

Employee Screening Solutions

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Drug Testing for Employers: The DISA Global Solutions drug testing and alcohol testing combines technology and screening innovations to deliver employee information quickly and accurately. We specialize in giving employers the tools and information they need to make the most informed hiring decisions possible. With DISA,...
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Actionable insight you trust.

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Drug & Health Screening: Peopletrail is not just a background screening company that facilitates the occasional drug test. We have earned a name for ourselves as a dependable drug screening partner. We have built up a network of over 10,000 clinics nationwide and have become experts in both DOT and non-DOT drug...
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Drug testing: Checkr’s AI-powered platform manages drug and health screenings in one efficient portal, while our extensive network of labs delivers timely, reliable results. With Checkr, your team has access to comprehensive drug and alcohol testing for flexible and safe hiring at scale.
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Know BEFORE you hire.

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Drug Testing: At iprospectcheck we understand the value of having a completely integrated drug screening program as a part of your overall effort to maintain a drug free workplace and achieving compliance with the regulatory requirements for your industry. We have strategically partnered with several of the...
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Alliance Background LLC

Background Screening Company

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Drug Testing: With a range of drug screening services offered we can customize a program to fit your needs.
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Orange Tree Employment Screening offers precision-focused Drug & Alcohol Testing services, fortifying your workforce's safety while boosting productivity in the workplace. With a variety of testing options, including urine, hair, and oral fluid, as well as random and continuous drug screenings, we cater to each organization's unique policy specifications. Our partnership with eScreen and Quest, along with a user-friendly CandidateConnect and ClientConnect portal, streamlines the testing process, ensuring timely results, compliance, and a fortified workforce for your business.

Backgrounds Online

Employment Background Screening


DOT & Non-DOT Drug, Alcohol, Health Services Testing: Backgrounds Online partners with a nationwide company to offer Drug Screening, Breath Alcohol Testing, and a multitude of Health Services for job applicants and current employees. Our partner has collection sites throughout the country to provide convenient screening services. Positive results...
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Express Background Checks

Employment Screening & Background Checks


Drug Screening - multiple sites available: With our new Drug Screen Manager, Express Background Checks clients will be able to order tests and track the entire process in real-time. The client will enter the applicant's contact information, including email address when placing their order. The applicant will be emailed a list of lab...
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Drug & Health Screening: Maintaining a safe and productive work environment for your employees is important to you; it ties directly to the positive culture you're building. Your employment drug testing and health screening program is a key component that helps you keep your work environment productive. It provides...
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Justifacts Credential Verification, Inc.

Thorough, Informative Background Investigations


At Justifacts Credential Verification, Inc., we implement Drug & Alcohol Testing services that prioritize workplace safety and health and minimize the risk associated with substance abuse. Our robust screening capabilities offer pre-employment, post-accident, and random testing—everything from urine and saliva tests to hair tests and alcohol screenings—all performed to SAMSHA standards and reviewed by a Medical Review Officer. Plus, our innovative system features a paperless electronic Chain of Custody (COC) form, online scheduling, and an immediate result reporting setup to optimize your candidate assessment process.

AmericanChecked Inc.

Nationally Accredited Background Screening


Drug and Alcohol Screening: Drug and alcohol abuse adversely affects companies through lost productivity, absenteeism, accidents, employee turnover and increased propensity for workplace violence. AmericanChecked’s Drug-Free Workplace Program offers quality, cost-effective and legally defensible drug and alcohol testing...
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Corra Group

Check them out before you hire.


Drug Screening & Alcohol Testing: Corra Group provides comprehensive nationwide drug screening solutions to compliment your employment background screening program. We offer every type of drug test, including instant eCup drug Tests, lab-based 4 panel (no THC), 5 panel, 10 panel and 12-panel urine drug screening available at...
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AmeriWide Screeners

A Fresh Approach to Background Screening

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Drug Screening: Pre-Employment Drug Testing: We can help you with your Pre-Employment drug screening by making it as seamless and simple as possible and our prices are among the most competitive you will find! Our Technology makes it simple: Our InstaScreen™ platform makes it painless to administer a drug...
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Build Great Teams

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Drug & Alcohol Testing: GoodHire’s comprehensive pre- and post-hire drug screening offerings are designed to meet your company policy and drug-free workplace obligations, while helping you maintain compliance with applicable regulations. We offer the most common drug screening panels, as well as more than 15...
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Pre Employment Drug Testing: Employees who abuse drugs and alcohol have more accidents, use more sick time, file more workers compensation claims and are more likely to be fired. The cost of abuse to U.S. business is estimated at $100 billion a year - and smaller companies are more vulnerable because they're less likely to...
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Regulated Drug Testing: Safety-sensitive workplaces or positions must adhere to the following Health and Human Services (HHS) or Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) testing authority, or are part of one of the following agencies under the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT): Federal Motor Carrier Service...
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Background Investigation Bureau

Background Check & Drug Testing Services


Background Investigation Bureau (BIB) offers cutting-edge Drug & Alcohol Testing services as part of their comprehensive Secure Applicant suite, designed to streamline the entire background screening process. Our Occupational Health and Drug Screening solutions include applicant drug testing, Department of Transportation tracking, and medical needs assessments. Implementing BIB's Secure Applicant program allows organizations to deliver a candidate-friendly background screening experience while receiving quality, secure results.

PDR Benefits

PEO Payroll Processing & HR Services

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PDR Benefits offers an integrated approach to Drug & Alcohol Testing as part of its extensive human resources support services. We help streamline compliance efforts by effectively managing Drug Testing Programs, in line with the latest industry standards, which work seamlessly with our other services, such as background checks and employee onboarding. Be confident in our commitment to helping create a drug-free, productive, and legally compliant work environment.

SpruceHR provides comprehensive talent acquisition services, one of which includes a thorough pre-employment screening process incorporating Drug & Alcohol Testing to ensure a safe and productive work environment. We implement advanced, trustworthy drug screening tactics as part of our commitment to onboarding sound and reliable talent. Adhering to SpruceHR's solutions means upholding stringent substance policies to protect your organizational integrity and workforce well-being—instilling trust in comprehensive solutions for cultivating a responsible and drug-free work environment.

Data Screening offers a comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Testing system, including a range of customized tests: 5 & 10 Panel Urine Test, Instant 5 Panel Testing, and additional Occupational Testing. Our tests detect substances including Marijiuana, THC, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Opiates, Phencyclidine, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Methadone, Methaqualone, and Propoxyphene. Accurate drug testing at a dependable clinic, reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO), with turn-around times as quick as 20–30 minutes.


We Understand Risk. Our Business is to Protect Yours.

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Drug Screening Services: In addition to Background Checks, RiskAware offers best-in-class Drug Screening. RiskAware Drug Screens are accessed using RiskAware’s easy-to use, web-based system that enables online scheduling and electronic chain of custody. RiskAware has partnered with an expansive network of local...
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Confirm Choice, LLC

A Background Screening Company

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Confirm Choice, LLC offers a diverse range of Drug & Alcohol Testing services, including after-hours and post-accident testing, all underpinned by an Electronic Chain of Custody and certification from a Medical Review Officer (MRO). Our extensive network of over 15,000 locations, bolstered by DOT and non-DOT random programs, ensures the highest level of testing accuracy and convenience for our clients.

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