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Press Release from BizMerlinHR

“Artificial Intelligence has long been the next frontier for Human Capital Management.  BizMerlinHR is at the forefront of this transition - by providing the very tools that HR needs to play a bigger role in an organization.” says Dr. Amrinder Arora, CEO and co-founder of BizMerlinHR. BizMerlinHR is the next generation, AI powered Human Capital Management solution that bring out the best in an HR. Whether it is their flagship ATS that gives smart recommendations about candidates, or the ridiculously easy Performance Reviews, or Smart Goal Management, or Resource Forecasting and Optimization software, BizMerlin creates unique propositions, thus, distinguishing themselves from other HR organizations and companies.  BizMerlin works to fill the gaps in resource allocation and management space to uplift a ‘regular’ company into a ‘super-charged’ company.  This is what makes it an absolutely must-have tool for services and consulting companies.

“We observed that despite immense technological development, most consulting companies were still running their resource allocations in antiquated Excel or Google sheets.” says Dr. Arora. Seeing the inefficiency in resource allocation and human resource management processes, the team at BizMerlin came together to develop solutions that take the HR Management system one-step higher. 

Arora believes that the HR in most companies is the one that recruits and brings in new people to the company but they often fail to enforce a uniform culture and create a friendly ecosystem. The team at BizMerlin understands these loopholes and works to correct them by infusing the best technology into the HR management ecosystem. “At BizMerlin, we set out to create the most user friendly HCM software – so if you want to give an instant feedback to your coworker, or fill out your quarterly review, or interview a candidate, all the flows are super optimized and the users just love to use the software” says Arora.  

BizMerlin offers various solutions such as Centralized Employee Records, Optimal Allocation and Financial Planning, Electronic Document Signing, Applicant Tracking System, Performance Reviews, Smart Goal Management to ensure that HR has all the tools that it needs to be a true leader – ready to bring out the very best in the workforce. Through  rich native apps for iOS and Android, BizMerlinHR is available to all the users from anywhere.  “Using our mobile app you can give people the feedback instantly. When you see a candidate who perfectly fits in to your requirement, you can give a quick feedback while they are still on their presentation,” says Arora.  The 360 degree feedback system fostered by BizMerlin promotes a healthy work environment and brings the employees closer. An amazing side effect of that feedback is that using feedback, BizMerlinHR automatically calculates and updates the competency matrix – yet another way that artificial intelligence has fundamentally changed a boring, time consuming task into a non-task, something that just happens by itself!

BizMerlinHR makes itself available to entrepreneurs and small companies using its innovative and transparent pricing.  “We wanted to ensure that all new companies have access to the same powerful toolset of big companies, and at a price point that is a non-issue.  We want the customers to focus on their business in that critical time, not on the price of their HCM software.  Later on when they grow, we grow with them, but the initial stage is very formative stage for the company and the companies and entrepreneurs need the very best HCM software to define their vision, their culture, and manage their most valued asset – their people.”

Quote: BizMerlin works to fill the gaps in resource allocation and the vital human resource management space to uplift a ‘regular’ company to a ‘super-charged’ company.



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