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Cloud computing has transformed from ‘just another’ technology to a hot and happening phenomenon in the IT industry. The last few months have witnessed a lot of activities in the globally maturing cloud computing market. With initiatives taken by both private and government players, there is a high potential to offer much better Human Capital Management solutions using Cloud Technology.

BizMerlinHR is an award winning Human Resource Management software that includes employee records, hiring automation, performance management, resource allocation, resource forecasting and expertise management.  BizMerlinHR represents a confluence of critical HR functions and sophisticated AI algorithms working magically in the cloud. With an impressive list of customers that includes Ntelx, Graphus, IndiaHomes, LabsAdvisor, Zing, Compass Languages, Sears Home Services and many more, BizMerlin continues to impress with innovative ways in which the HR can directly help the people and the businesses to succeed.

Serving the Hire to Retire Lifecycle

BizMerlinHR covers HR needs from the hiring process to the employee’s growth, work allocation, performance management, all the way to retirement and offboarding process.  By incorporating smart algorithms in friendly user intuitive, BizMerlin HR allows organizations to do the most accurate resource planning and forecasting, and thereby has a direct impact on an organization’s financial performance.  For any services company, and especially for any such company where people work across multiple projects (fractional allocations), BizMerlinHR is an absolute must.

Complete and Detailed People Records - Anytime, Anywhere

With BizMerlin, the authorized personnel can access complete and detailed employee records easily in one place.  Employees can view and manage their skills, trainings and other documents with different roles and access settings allotted for different members.

Easy, Paperless Onboarding

With BizMerlinHR and its inbuilt electronic document signature process, new joinees can complete their onboarding process effortlessly and in an environment friendly paperless way.  Onboarding process can start before the actual joining date, and continue well beyond the first week!  This allows the organization to incorporate the new person into their own unique corporate culture and build brand loyalty.

Hiring Automation and Smart Candidate Tracking

Using BizMerlin’s sophisticated hiring module, HR can publish positions on the company website and external job boards as well as social media sites to give the most exposure to these positions.  This allows the organization to get the best pool of candidates to choose from.  BizMerlinHR enables a simple and intuitive way to track and evaluate their applicant’s information.  The inbuilt machine learning based algorithms can assist by giving system recommendations on candidates are a true distinguishing factor of the BizMerlinHR system.

Goal Setting, OKRs and 360 degree Performance Feedback

Most modern organizations rely on objectives and key results to guide their workforce, and this is one of the strongest aspects of BizMerlinHR.  You can create and manage goals for the entire workforce as well as give 360 degree feedback which allows the organization to build a culture of positive feedback and reinforcement.

Personal and Company Walls of Fame

Using the “Walls of Fame” feature, team members can showcase their performance to their colleagues and seniors. The managers are in awe with it as it creates a conducive and healthy environment.

Optimal Allocation & Financial Planning

One of the key benefits of BizMerlinHR is that you can visualize your entire workforce and see how is working on which project, and who is under allocated or over utilized.  You can do that both in the past as well as in the future by using the innovative resource plans and allocation feature.  This allows you to allocate your workforce optimally as well as plan for the financial implications of the under and over allocations.

Payroll Integration

BizMerlin has a fully integrated payroll system that integrates with dozens of payroll solutions. Its rich features and extremely configurable setup has proved to be a dream come true for most of the HRs who have used them.  So, whether the firm is using ADP, Paychex, WagePoint, Intuit or some other payroll provider, BizMerlinHR can seamlessly integrate with your preferred payroll.

Skill Matrix

Using BizMerlinHR, the HR of an organization can analyze the skill set of each of the employees and accordingly know their proficiency levels, which in return, helps in establishing training goals. It ensures that the right person is on the right team, working on the right project, at the right time.

Retention Management

Using BizMerlin’s Retention Management application, organizations can identify and mitigate the risk factor for each employee and retain their best talent.

The Hands that wield the Magic Wand

Amrinder Arora , CEO of BizMerlin, co-founded the company with Soneeka Arora and Bob Cofod . Amrinder, the perfectionist and a strong follower of processes inside and outside the organization has a PhD from George Washington University and completed his Bachelors from IIT Delhi. Bob Cofod is responsible for the product expansion in the financial domain and its integrations with the various products actively used in banking space. Soneeka holds Masters from Arizona State Universtiy and oversees their client relationships and project execution.

What matters the most to the Clients

The two most important features of BizMerlin, setting of company and individual goals, and instant feedback published on wall of fame, have helped to build and nurture a positive environment that translates into happier individuals, stronger teams and better results. By its very design, BizMerlinHR helps to build and strengthen the company culture that is critical for entrepreneurs and small and medium sized organizations.

Challenges that made BizMerlin the best

With its open API and 100+ inbuilt integrations, BizMerlin was able to solve the problem of data silos that affects a majority of the organizations.  BizMerlinHR is a key and willing partner in an organization’s ecosystem, and using the inbuilt integrations with Jira, ADP, Salesforce, and other applications, customers can make the most of their data and ensure that data can be used in a holistic manner.

Further, using AI tools, BizMerlinHR was able to start giving start system recommendations, in stark contrast to other HR systems that are simply pretty data storage tools or fancy address books.

Trust is the biggest challenge that Cloud Industry is facing today and through constant innovations, these fears are dissipating quickly and adoption is growing significantly.

BizMerlin in the near future

The ultimate vision of BizMerlin is to enable all organizations to use HR as a true asset, one that has a direct and measurable impact on business outcomes. They want to remove the cliché meaning of HR as a paper pusher or policy police, and instead allow it to play the positive role of connecting people management initiatives and business outcomes.

Quote : “BizMerlinHR is an HR professional’s delight”

Company : BizMerlin

Management : Amrinder Arora, Co-founder and CEO

Description : BizMerlin is the leading award winning Human Resource Management solution that includes hiring automation, resource allocation, forecasting, acquisition and tracking.



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