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Content by Corporate Relocation International

  • Relocation Success Story: Outsourcing

    A global exploration company saw quick improvements after fully outsourcing their relocation program.
  • Relocation Success Story: Healthcare Executives

    Executive Recruiting and Outsourcing Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
  • RFP Toolkit

    This toolkit was designed to give you the foundation to successfully bid on relocation services. We examine pricing structure, answer common supplier questions, review scoring methods and we have a sample RFP you can use to save you time researching and developing your own questions. We even...
  • Understanding International Shipping Challenges

    Nearly a year after the world went into some variation of lockdown from the COVID-19 pandemic, we're still being impacted from the challenges the international shipping industry has faced. From increased costs to longer wait times for deliveries, the international shipping challenges have...
  • Talent Acquisition & Relocation Benefits: Best Practices

    When recruiting top talent, every factor can make the difference. The discussion of relocation benefits is a critical component of the process. Read our Best Practices for how to integrate your relocation benefits into the talent process. 
  • Navigating the SEC's New Human Capital Disclosure Requirements

    With the help of our partners at HCM Metrics, we put together a comprehensive guide on navigating the SEC's new human capital disclosure requirements that are shaking up HR. From what to expect, how to prepare and what you should expect from your relocation management company to keep you...
  • BVO: Buyer Value Option

    A BVO is a low-cost, company supported program that provides professional assistance to employees selling their home that can be structured with or without a buyout offer. A BVO involves two different sales transactions that meet specific compliance criteria to reduce the tax strain on the...