Triton Benefits & HR Solutions Unveils Game-Changing Approach to Prescription RX Sourcing, Delivering Significant Savings for Clients

Press Release from Triton Benefits & HR Solutions

Woodbridge, NJ – In an industry-shaking move, Triton Benefits & HR Solutions, a trusted specialist in Group Health Benefits, Payroll, and HR services, is leveraging international sourcing to slash the costs of Prescription RX for its clients. The innovative strategy has been shown to cut the cost of prescription medications by half, making healthcare significantly more affordable for businesses and their employees.

For example, Triton’s global sourcing approach can reduce the cost of a $25,000, 90-milligram prescription of Stelara to just $12,500, delivering substantial savings without compromising on quality or efficacy.

Additionally, Triton is now working closely with employees and pharmaceutical manufacturers to tap into Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs). These initiatives aim to provide high-cost medications at little to no cost for businesses enrolled in Triton’s group health insurance plans.

Medications covered under this new approach include Stelara, Humira, and a range of antiviral drugs. The strategic utilization of these programs can lead to substantial savings, contributing significantly to the affordability of healthcare for Triton’s clients.

“We are constantly seeking ways to bring more value to our clients,” says Steve Rosenthal, President, and CEO of Triton Benefits & HR Solutions. “By utilizing international sourcing and tapping into PAPs, we’re able to provide high-priced medicines at substantially reduced costs. This reflects our commitment to innovation, our client-focused approach, and our dedication to offering affordable healthcare solutions.”

Having served 700+ clients with varying needs, Triton has a strong track record in customizing its services to meet the unique requirements of each individual client. This innovative approach to prescription RX sourcing further underlines Triton’s commitment to creative problem-solving and value-driven service delivery.

With this innovative service, Triton continues to revolutionize the industry, setting a new standard for cost-effective, client-centered healthcare benefits and HR solutions.

For more information about Triton Benefits & HR Solutions and their innovative healthcare cost reduction strategies, visit their website ( or contact them directly at (877) OK-TRITON.

About Triton Benefits & HR Solutions

Triton Benefits & HR Solutions is a specialist provider of Group Health Benefits, Payroll, and HR services. With over 25 years of industry experience, the company is committed to helping businesses navigate the complex world of employee benefits and human resources. Triton prides itself on its technologically savvy, people-friendly approach, and its unwavering commitment to helping clients make informed, pragmatic decisions.

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